What You Mean to Life

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This post is a follow-up to Tiger’s Cascais Meditation & Spiritual Musings Episode Called The Impossible Search for Meaning, written by Gail Florence.

When we take a look at human history, it always tells a story of achievement. Even today, life seems to be worth living if we have earned a college diploma, booming career, tons of money, and so on. Because we see other people whose achievements are celebrated perpetually, we are convinced life is only meaningful when we can prove ourselves or we have a success story to show. So, either determinedly or unconsciously, we find our meaning in a career, relationship, or possession.

Certainly, it is okay to achieve a goal and feel self-worth. However, we can also take into account even if, we have attained a job, successful business, financial wealth, popularity or intimate relationship, we can still feel emptiness within us. Once we examine the emptiness, we ask ourselves, “Why?”, when there are so many reasons to make us feel complete. Many of us, when feeling the emptiness inside, will continue to find something to fill in the hollowness. Many will continue to find the meaning of their lives.

The meaning of ourselves….

Tiger Singleton says, “It is wise to recognize that in whatever the search is for meaning, what we are ultimately trying to find, grasp or hold on to is a meaning for ourselves. We are looking to give our expression for humanness, our individuality some inherent meaning that makes life worth living. It is almost like we’re constantly looking to answer that question of, ‘Who am I?’ Human beings are fantastic in their ability to tell a story so, we are ultimately looking to tell a story about ourselves.” (T.S., 2019)

The human’s common take in finding one’s meaning is to do something immediately about it else, he thinks he will go insane, feel lost, or become anxious.

Tiger adds, “If you look at any problematic experience in your life, anything that might bring tension, any disturbance, you can see that you are looking at something and giving it meaning whether it is the way you move, the way you react, the way you respond. You are giving it a meaning that some way says you are not enough. So, we need to find something more. We need to change in order to be more…How exhausting is this? How exhausting is this search for constantly finding meaning?” (T.S., 2019)

We are complete…

However, we can always take a step back, look into ourselves and rediscover we are enough for being who we are. We are complete, but it takes inner discovery and ‘self-persuasion’ we are so. Many will think of this practice as arrogance but if we recognize we are part of the big picture called, “Life,” we will see we are complete and contributing to Life’s natural flow. We are complete not in a boastful way, but in a humble acceptance of being a contributor to Life.

Tiger suggests, “…If we were able to give up our search for meaning, we can finally be present. If you look at everything you are trying to get to in the future, you are trying to get into a moment where you can finally be present. That’s the ultimate price, we just want to be present and know that all is well.” (T.S., 2019)

So, it is up to us to acknowledge that there is nothing to worry if we don’t go on a serious quest to find meaning. We are not obliged to follow a path which deep inside us, doesn’t work for us. What is asked of us is to be who we are, down to our core and let our true selves shine out. This way, we can see everything is sincere and life is truly meaningful.

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