INLIGHT CONNECT, is devoted to…

offering opportunities where you can clarify the discovery of the art of being you.  We have events on the ground and many free online opportunities  to watch live and engage with Tiger as he shares fear-shattering insight and wisdom.  Below, the upcoming opportunities to meet on the ground.

Upcoming Portugal Events

Meditation & Spiritual Musings with Tiger SingletonMeditation is an opportunity to be still and allow yourself to be deeply touched by the truth of life. The term "musing" is used to reflect the playful nature of exploring spiritual insights and wisdom and the practical application of this in your everyday life.

Lisbon Session with Tiger | Bloom

27 June @ 20:00 - 21:30

During this 90 minute session, Tiger will offer a guided meditation and a talk exploring the nature of real healing from a spiritual context.

Traveling Events

3 Days for 25 People in Amsterdam, with the option to join us online. Clarify, Mastermind, Heal & Honor the Miracle of what you are.

SWEDEN | Remembered Harmony with Tiger & Praful

10 October @ 16:00 - 15 October @ 14:00

An explosive combination of meditation, song, poetry, devotion, and self-inquiry. The environment of this retreat will hold a sacred space for you to journey inward, and explore the sobering reality of your inherent connection with all that is.