The Spiritual Significance of ‘My Life’

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This post is a follow-up to Tiger’s Cascais Meditation & Spiritual Musings Episode Called The Primary Misunderstanding About Spirituality, written by Gail Florence.

With paradigm shifts constantly changing as technology and globalization expand, we are allowed more freedom to pursue paths we believe are for us. At these times, we can follow the preferences we choose, the principles we hold dear, and the identity we shape ourselves in. Of course, cultural and religious practices are much valuable still but, the perspective that we have a choice is much more encouraged in many parts of the world.

So, a lot of us go on an exploration. Once we look into ourselves and determine which makes us comfortable or not, we pursue whatever they are and along the way, we learn something until we get an inclination again to shift to another destination. This is a possible reason for many of us to venture into spirituality.

It is a Gift….

It is a gift to us that teachers and materials of the practice are readily available. There are numerous tips and ways out there tackling about living a spiritual lifestyle. However, sometimes it (like other devotions) can leave some people more judgmental to those with different principles and way of life. Tiger Singleton says in his vlog on the Primary Misunderstanding of Spirituality.

“There is a common theme in spirituality that I see kind of everywhere especially on social media that constantly points on the primary misunderstanding…it seems like this is a common thread and the basis of this misunderstanding is we somehow think our spiritual insight or discovery is about other people or how the world should work… You can see how easy it is to take spiritual insight and wisdom and project it to other people. It is a primary way we use spirituality as defense mechanism that kind of avoids looking into ourselves.” (T.S., 2019)

Spirituality is a connection…

This reminds us that spirituality (and other devotions) is a connection to our core, feelings and innocence. In our exploration, it is a call to simply return to ourselves, accept and love our realness so, we can extend such unbounded love to others too. There is nothing to impose.

The beginning and continued practice of introspection is both insightful and fearful. To feel scared when we recognize our true feelings and nature is part of spirituality. One of its insights is we’ve been living in illusions. Many of them that run for a lifetime if left unrecognized are expectations, wants, painful and guilty concepts, insecurities, and any form of escape from reality.

Tiger shares, “For me, this is always such a profound recognition in the unfolding of this, in my own experience, in what might be called my own life, really is not up to me and this helps in a way to surrender what is my life. Yes, granted, it is one of the terrifying things that I am constantly invited to give up the idea of my life. Not in any spiteful way, not because I am doing anything wrong, but mostly because all of the ideas of my life come from a space of fear.

This can be interesting to look at when I investigate everything that the mind thinks it wants especially those anxious wants – the things that I think are important in the future. When I begin to look at them, I recognize that they’re moved by a pain, by a fear of losing something future, of not being secure, not being able protect what I want. I keep bumping into the futility of trying to make things how I want.” (T.S. 2019)

A life without limits…

If life that is driven by guilt, fear and anxiety is just an illusion, then, what is reality is a life guided by our inner most nature, that which allows us to be who we are and a love without limits. It is an offering of spirituality – communing with our truth and unleashing it to the world and allowing others to do the same.

When we observe our surroundings and watch the animals, plants and other parts of creation, it is evident that they exist the way they are created. Wonderfully, every being is connected to each other like a symbiosis. Certainly, it includes us. Everything functions and it will continue to function for eternity. So, we can say, it is life. Life umbrellas all.

However, it happens that we deem ourselves separate from others. We tend to define our existence as our life and others, their life. Tiger, then, brings us to this wisdom:

“In so many ways, this has been the human struggle trying to find, ‘My life’, trying to solidify for something called, ‘My life,’ trying to be grateful for something called, ‘My life’. Yet, upon examination, I can’t find anything that’s real called, ‘My life,’ other than a story that I tell, an interpretation held in the corners of my mind that is impossible to articulate in such a way, when I tell you a story about, ‘My life,’ you don’t really feel that story, you don’t see, ‘My Life,’ you interpret it according to your experience.” (T.S., 2019)

The opportunity of spirituality is for us to realize we are part of one thing.

This insight tells us that we are not separate from other beings and gifts of creation. We are part of life so, we will go through beginnings and ends, earthly existence and death. So, our strong desire to control and manipulate our life or others is, in truth, futile.

The opportunity of spirituality is for us to realize we are part of one thing. Tiger explains,

“…spirituality is the pointer to a discovery that sees all is one… Naturally, the primary misunderstanding would be that there’s two and from there, everything goes crazy. So, look at this where the minds sees there is life and then, my life, that’s two. When you have two, you have the potential for conflict and one of them has to survive. At some point, there’s going to be an epic battle and I can promise you that life is going to win. That’s been my experience.” (T.S., 2019)

We are part of ‘Life’….

It is our call to care for our spirit and the body it inhabits because it is a blessing of the Greater Spirit for us to fully experience life. It is also our call to accept our nature as well as of others because all of us are part of the entirety called, ‘Life’. Every being, human, animal, plant, nature, here and beyond earth is connected.

There is only one gift, the present. Let’s us all be present because that is where life is.

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