Connect authentically, or lose future business

The end result was a play-it-safe mediocre haircut, that in all reality, I could have got anywhere. I was enjoying the experience regardless because I was amazed at the play that was happening. Watching him restrict his joy, because he wanted to “not do a bad job.” He didn’t enjoy himself at all. I gave him an empty canvas that said “Create Your Art BRO! Here I am!”

Even If You Hate Me…i Love You

Even if you hate me. I Love You. Why? Because loving you is about letting you be you. If I needed you to be different, then I couldn’t really love you. I wouldn’t be able to see your beauty because my ‘need’ would blind me to your perfection. Full confession; I don’t love you because […]

Dance, Play, And Live Simpy…Life Is Beautiful

Quite simply… there are infinite things to worry about. All of which, pertain to a fear that what you are isn’t enough. Play…Life is beautiful. My friend, this is the impossible quest; that someday in the future you will arrive at a place of completion. All the while stressing yourself out now, where life is […]

Let Life Make Love to You – A Tigmonk Classic…

To Live Joyfully, Requires an Intimacy. A Dance that depends On a Willingness to rest in Now, Completely. Intimacy, Wholeness of Beauty. Seen in every Breath With no judgment Toward the inadequacy. To surrender All doubt, and Fall Within the arms of Everything. to give over the fear That somehow… You’re not Worthy to be […]

**Emotional Evolution**

Emotions take you into your Self, They innocently invite you to investigate what is real, true, and worthwhile. Where they guide you, if allowed, is to a deeper experience into the fullness of what you authentically are. This is the evolution; it is the blooming into more Joy; which is only the reflection of a […]

Stay Connected To Joy

Staying connected to Joy, can be a difficult journey when we go at it alone. Without assistance or guidance, it can be easy to get lost in our conditioned thoughts that constantly argue with what is showing. What I love so much about this spiritual escort service is to watch you remember and then engage […]

Trust Fully In These Things…

Your Passion Your Love Your Enthusiasm Your Sincerity Your Joy Your Breath Do no Trust these things… Your Fear Your Anxiety Your Worry Your Blame Your Guilt Your Judgment

Follow The Flow Joy

Just as water takes the path of least resistance, You are invited to do the same by following the path of Joy. This will be, For many. The most difficult aspect of Conscious Life Design because it challenges many identified stories and beliefs that proclaim, “Life must be a struggle” or “Making a living is […]

A Gift to YOU, from me, for 2016-The Monumental Importance of JOY

    If you investigate why you want something long enough, the answer ultimately comes down to… “because I desire Love, Peace, Freedom, or JOY.” Which ultimately says… “I emphatically know it’s possible to enjoy this life, in a way that is NEXT-LEVEL to my current experience.” This is no mistake, it’s in our nature […]