Connect authentically, or lose future business

The end result was a play-it-safe mediocre haircut, that in all reality, I could have got anywhere. I was enjoying the experience regardless because I was amazed at the play that was happening. Watching him restrict his joy, because he wanted to “not do a bad job.” He didn’t enjoy himself at all. I gave him an empty canvas that said “Create Your Art BRO! Here I am!”

The failure to seek help; Authentic Connection lost

These lessons never cease, the opportunities to see how we might disconnect ourselves from what we desire most; which of course, is some form of Authentic Connection. Five minutes ago was no different. Another AHA! moment that brought a smile to my heart

Dance Of Insecurity

Insecurity is a dance that circles the imaginary you. Insecurity is the romance that compares to the distant few. Longing for completion, not knowing it is a dream. Longing for wholeness, it is from within that you scream. Insecurity, the reminder that you will never be that. Insecurity, the memory of the tomorrow that never […]


Are you insecure? Welcome then, I’d like to introduce you to the great teacher in your life. The feeling of Insecurity is the result of believing a thought that attempts to compare the self with others. This is the great delusion, and of course, this is why it hurts so much, because it is so […]