1 on 1 Sessions w/ Tiger

Once we understand that life is a mirror, reflecting back what exists within, there’s something that happens in the heart.  Maybe we can call it a soft opening, or a surrendering, that is finally available to listen, receive, and heal.

It would be an honor to celebrate your journey and assist you in uncovering the not-so-hidden, but sometimes difficult to see, opportunities for Love’s expansion.

I'm amazed with how quickly Tiger can... set me straight; and he does it with so much love and compassion. I always smile so big when we finish our call.
Silvie, Holland



The primary benefit is a greater capacity to be present and to connect deeply with yourself, others, and all of life.  Naturally, such a presence will offer an incalculable value to all of your relationships, your work or service, and to the precious heart you will forever be traveling with.  

The beauty of this exploration is that we can start where you are, we can be profoundly open, honest, and real. We can discover that where you are in your journey, is exactly where you’re supposed to be in order for more love, compassion, and freedom to be experienced.  

Playful Disclaimer

No Fixing a Self Not Really Broken

I'm not interested in fixing you.  I'm available to listen and expose a wholeness that's already there; allowing for love to be seen from behind your eyes. 

What is True, before... What I Want

Most are struggling to get what they want, without first seeking what is true.  My role is to help with seeing what's true. Paradoxically, seeing what is true often releases the burden of wanting.

I'm not an "Advice" Guy

I have no interest in telling you what you should or shouldn't do. I'd rather have you discover what is deeply sincere, and connect with a courage to follow that sincerity. 

In the Spirit of Curiosity, not Emergency

I recommend that we engage together from a place of curiosity rather than emergency.  If you would like to get curious about your emergency, that's fine. 

Working with me is a completely customized experience. 

The very first step is for us to get on a zoom call (free) and explore where you are in your life's journey. I'd like to feel into your situation and then see what resonates as a possible solution that works for both you and I.  

If anything else and it's not a good fit, I can shed some light and insight on where you are in Life and maybe point you in a direction that exposes more love, compassion, and freedom.