45 Minute Meditative Audio Exploration with Ebook Transcript

Audio Preview

This exploration is a beautiful opportunity to hold space for yourself or others who are struggling with depression and/or suicidal thoughts. Through sharing my own direct experience with these internal struggles, I uncover some insight and wisdom that might allow us to relax into a deeper understanding. The encouragement is to open up to the possibility that what is happening is an opportunity and not a problem.


65-Minute Video/Audio Exploration

Tiger reflects on his own experiences and shares insight into the nature of abuse. It's an invitation to gently look beyond what the mind turns abuse into. This exploration is full of insights that can help us look at ourselves and the world with more love and compassion.  


46 Minute Audio Exploration

This exploration is a playful opportunity to explore pointer of "God" and the nature of God beyond the thinking mind.  This journey helps to illustrate man's eternal struggle with always trying to be God, rather than letting God be God.