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We Are Invisible | See the Real; V1.4
See The Real; 5 Day Retreat Audio

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Journey inward and explore the landscape of your inherent connection with all that is. Tiger Singleton lifts the curtain of perception and exposes the profound truth of what you are. This is day 1, track 4, of a 5-day retreat experience held in Sweden, August 2019.


As I'm sitting here and there are 20 people looking at me, everybody sees their own creation. Do you see that? Like, every person in this room that's looking at me is seeing their own version of a character called, “Tiger.” In that, nobody in here actually sees me - literally. As I say these words, everybody in here hears something different. Nobody actually hears me. No one sees me, no one hears me. Oh, I guess I can just be myself. I guess I can just relax.

Do you see this difficulty in being human where we're concerned about people seeing you? We're concerned about what people are thinking about you and then subsequently, we try and control that? It's impossible. Very playfully and innocently, I invite you to see how much mental energy goes into that. It's a lot.

It's not wrong. Life is happening like, just being here right now, in this moment. It's beautiful outside. There's this aliveness. There's this miracle that's breathing through you right now, and you might be thinking about what somebody else is thinking or seeing about something that's impossible, that's not real, completely missing the magic that's happening.

It's like you've been given a miracle that says, “Enjoy this,” and you say, “I can't right now because I'm trying to do something that's impossible.” Then, we wonder why we're exhausted. Maybe, you just might have to imagine this - imagine it was true that no one sees you, that nobody out there sees you, that you're literally invisible. Initially, that might sound incredibly lonely or liberating. If it seems that might be a problem, again, I invite you to recognize how much of a problem it has been in your life, thinking other people see you.

Imagine such a space of freedom that lets people see whatever they see. Do you see that when you look at me, you don't see me, but you see how you see, which shows you how you see yourself? For example, with you looking at me, if you're racist, then this is uncomfortable. But, that perception of racism tells you about how you see yourself and doesn't say anything about me.

You can see from my perspective the benefit of allowing you to be racist so you can see yourself. Now, what happens if you're racist and I think that you see me? Do you see how I start to defend myself? Do you see how that empowers your racism? It seemingly makes it real. You'll notice this about experiences you've had with arguments about the way people see you - to defend yourself only encourages them to keep believing what they're believing.

Now to see this and that nobody sees you, see that you don't see others. Everybody that you have a problem with, everybody that you might withhold love from, everybody and everything that you think is doing it wrong, can you see how that's a reflection of how you see yourself?

However uncomfortable it might be, to see that, can you see that this is where the most authentic healing can happen is because you're actually looking at the root issue now? When you look out and you see the world or you see other people, you are looking into a mirror that shows you how you see the one who is looking to such a degree that every relationship that you experience in this life is a reflection that shows you the relationship you have with yourself.

In this, all of life in a way is teaching you how to be in relationship with yourself. We can also acknowledge, that's part of the root issue - is being in relationship with ourselves. That's what we really want to bring healing to. In some way or another, “I want to see myself with more loving eyes. I want to be kinder to myself.” You can see that whatever the apparent relationship-conflict you might have in your life with people, places or things. You can see that something within you projects the problem onto them, to avoid the real issue.

In all honesty, the mechanism in which this becomes healed isn't because you do something. More so, it's because you surrender something. I think that's important to clarify because human beings are so obsessed with doing. I think in some, in order for something to be healed, in order for something to be fixed, then you have to do something. This isn't how healing works. In fact, all the doing just gets in the way.

I'm pointing to an opportunity for healing to show itself without even moving, and this comes because there is a movement of surrender within you that gives over all of the nonsense. Maybe to illustrate, we can see it as- to heal your inner conflict, you release all of your arguments that blame the world and blame other people because you see very, very deeply that it's not them.

There's a hesitancy within the human being to surrender this way because they don't know what's next. You see? Human beings are, we can say, addicted to their false sense of knowing because they're so terrified of the unknown. Blame is like a false sense of knowing or it's like, “If I blame this person, at least I still can pretend like I know something.” Then, that's better than being in the unknown.

In my exposing of the insanity and the delusion, it invites you into the unknown. And a lot of times people will come to Satsang and kind of stand on the edge and be like, “Okay, I hear what you're saying.” “You're invited into the unknown.” “Okay, tell me what's next before I go into the unknown like, give me something else to know.”

There's a profound trap in that because we can easily try and skip over the unknown from going from one idea to another idea and this happens a lot in spirituality.

I'm inviting you to recognize a profound space of not knowing and be okay with that.

Connect 1 on 1

Phone or Skype | Tiger is available to connect 1 on 1 to assist you in clarifying your human experience and connecting with what your heart desires most.
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