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This is the Most Important Thing | See the Real; V1.6

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This is the Most Important Thing | See the Real; V1.6
See The Real; 5 Day Retreat Audio

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Journey inward and explore the landscape of your inherent connection with all that is. Tiger Singleton lifts the curtain of perception and exposes the profound truth of what you are. This is day 1, track 6, of a 5-day retreat experience held in Sweden, August 2019.


In order to really connect with what's true, you have to be willing to give up everything, which is often why this recognition comes from profound suffering - at that point when people are ready to die to give up everything. It doesn't necessarily have to be that way, but it, oftentimes, is the case and there's no expectation from life that says, “You have to look in this direction.”

You can come to Satsang just because you enjoy the company. That's fine, but then there are some who recognize within themselves, “Okay, I'm ready,” where it's almost like this discovery is the only thing that matters because everything comes from this discovery.

It's almost like you can have 20 relationships on the outside with people, places and things. This can be a relationship with your work, relationship with money, relationship with neighbors…just the play of relationship. You can have 20,000 relationships. Every single relationship is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. Every-Single-One.

Your experience with all of those relationships out there are entirely dependent on the relationship you have with yourself. Most people, they're running around trying to fix these relationships, being super busy, not realizing that they all come from the One relationship.

So, if you go to the One relationship and allow healing to go there, by default, it will touch every other relationship. But I'll tell you, the One relationship that's real is the last relationship that anyone wants to look at because it's the most raw, it's the most vulnerable, it's the most real. You get completely exposed. You get called out on all your bullshit, all of it. You see? There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide. You have to take 100% experiential accountability for everything. You have to see that you create everything.

People don't want to see that but beyond the terror of that, to see that you create everything, you also see that there's nothing to fear. How silly it would be to fear your own creation? Sooner or later you're going to have to let go whether it's through the play of death, somebody else dying, or somebody else not doing what you want them to do. You see this? At some point or another, you're going to have to let go. We can either do that now so you can enjoy it or you can keep holding on out of fear, waiting for life to rip it away from you.

Do you see this sooner or later? I'm illustrating with words. Sooner or later, life will rip it away from you, not because life is being cruel, but because it's the way of things, that things change. Nothing remains except the truth.

When we talk about these stories or illustrations about letting go of other people, this and that and the other, these are all representatives of a bigger letting go, which is letting go of yourself because you only hold on to others the way that you hold onto yourself. You only withhold freedom from others the way you withhold freedom from yourself. The difficulty in appearance that you have with other people just shows you YOU, where you're holding on to you.

I guess as another form of a disclaimer, because this happens almost without doubt in retreat, is you're going to experience some degree of liberation and freedom, and you're going to say, “Holy shit! This is amazing.” Then, you're going to go home and say, “What the fuck? Where'd it go?” That's by design because as we sit together, we're going to discover a new depth of being a new depth of living, a new depth of loving and expansion almost like you get to see what's possible behind the curtain. Then, you're going to go home and you're going to see all of the ways that you don't allow yourself to be free.

I say this so that you let go of this concern about what happens when you get home, how are you going to maintain it or how are you going to protect it. Leave that alone. Just be here. Know that it'll be whatever it's supposed to be.

You see? Life as a whole is 100% in support of your waking up to the truth of what you are. However, you're the one that has to allow it. It has to bloom through you. It has to be seen through you. You're the creator. Do you see why it makes sense that in order for it to bloom, it has to be seen through you, which means you have to see where you don't allow it to bloom? To you, it might look like life is trying to piss you off.

Life is saying, “No, look at this. What's really going on here?” So, there's a great synergy in what might be the drama of your life that it's serving as a profound teacher and maybe in a depth of clarity, seeing this, you can go home with a greater willingness to embrace it rather than push it away that says, “Okay, I'm finally ready to look at this.”

This is where we have to be cautious because it's very easy to take spirituality and use the language to push things away when really, we are discovering a landscape within yourself that's finally willing to let it in.

This is how it becomes integrated.

That's so exciting! So, so exciting because what you're going to discover is that this thing that you were afraid of, the only thing it's trying to do is show you more love and you're going to go, “Oh, my God! That's hilarious. Why did I wait so long?”

Hasn't this been everything that you've been afraid of in your life? Everything that you've been afraid of, but walk through you're like, “Oh no, I'm so afraid of this,” and you get through it, “Oh, that's not what I thought it was.”

It's – not – what – I – thought – it – was: That's everything you fear.

This is why we're invited to look in the direction of what you fear because that's where love expands - in the dark. If light wants to expand, it must go into the dark. It must go where you don't want to go.

Connect 1 on 1

Phone or Skype | Tiger is available to connect 1 on 1 to assist you in clarifying your human experience and connecting with what your heart desires most.
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