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PFL | Worry and Religious Nonesense
Presence for Life

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Tiger, Chingel, and Lisa follow up on the CMSM Session called "Infinite Worlds of Worry" and explore many topics that point back to a fundamental discovery.  Ultimately find themselves stumbling upon the most important question, and it's not "what do I want?"

Tiger Singleton, Chris Hingle and Lisa Hogan tackle this centuries-old and a much fought topic – religion. There is only one God but humans are so creative in interpreting the Holy One. So, our panelists discuss and differentiate what is religious nonsense and truth. Listen and gain inspiring insights on the following topics from this episode:

  • Knowing VS Believing God
  • This is the Sin
  • Self-reflection aka Ego-reflection
  • Wholeness within
  • Genuine awakening
  • Exhausting to surrender

Knowing VS Believing God

The construct of God is ingrained in us. In whatever culture, there is evidence of God in it. There is some truth to the statement, “There is only one God.” However, conflict arises when everyone thinks their God is the right God which greatly withholds love.

The reality of God is He is undefinable. As something undefinable, it is difficult to put words to describe, preach, or teach about Him. Moreover, there is a difference between knowing and believing in God. Knowing God is experiential, we have nothing to say about Him nor other’s God. Knowing God is simply a loving presence. Meanwhile, believing in God is saying, “I think God is…” or “God looks like this…” Perspectives about God come into play.

This is the Sin

Religious concepts are imprinted from judgement in our minds. It is like managing morality where we are persuaded to behave in a certain way so we don’t go to hell and suffer eternal damnation. Religion seems to control the masses through the fear of a future death. So, there are many religious practices on the basis of different human perspectives.

An example is people taking the Bible literally and believing they are walking down the path of righteousness. However, it can be a way for connecting to a sense of wellness we can’t experience when we perceive ourselves as separate from God.

This is the sin - creating separation between God and us by how we perceive what surrounds us. So, when we perceive separation, we believe in violence and the need to defend ourselves, paving a way for love to be restricted and withheld.

Thus, it is for us to see the truth – we and God are one. Recognizing it means there is nothing to defend and be violent about. We start flowing with Life as if there is no reason to be afraid. Spiritual qualities also extend through us, reflecting wholeness.

Moreover, the truth of the Bible is to end separation. It has numerous pages to keep repeating this truth and for us to continuously pay attention to its profound lesson.

Self-reflection aka Ego-reflection

It is quite impossible to experience somebody else’s frequency. Rather, we are experiencing our interpretation of what we are seeing and believing it is truly taking place. However, beyond our interpretations are just vibrations. It is just innocence.

The mind tends to put meaning on what we see and we think we are special because of our ability for self-reflection a.k.a ego-reflection. However, Life is all about being present. We have the opportunity to be in relationship with God to have the ability of knowing and being present. We are given such awareness so, when we lose it, we can appreciate it. Finding out the more present we are, the more loving we become.

Wholeness within

Much of religion talks about the second coming of Christ or the world ending. However, it is pointing into an internal experience or transformation that gets seen on the outside. As we begin to see wholeness within us, we start looking at the world with wholeness, too.

Genuine awakening

Whatever the truth makes us feel, we can examine it rather than run away. We are anxious to know the truth because we are trying to hold onto who we think we are. We believe we are suffering because we perceive the collapse of the image we created for ourselves. On the contrary, problems can be opportunities for love to flow. Genuine awakening happens thru suffering when we are ready to give up everything. It becomes the moment we find God.

Exhausting to surrender

Worry happens when we think we can do something about our perceived problems, figure it out but end up with nothing. However, it is exhausting ourselves to surrender where the answer comes. So, we are encouraged to relax. Rather than asking what we want which always points to the future, we are encouraged to ask what is true which looks at the present. Then, we can discover genuine liberation

What is religious nonsense for you? What worries you in your beliefs? Share us your answers and thoughts on Worry and Religious Nonsense by messaging us on the box below. Your comments are highly appreciated!

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