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PFL | What Does it Mean?!!!!!
Presence for Life

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Tiger Singleton and Patrick hold a conversation on humans’ attempt to find their meaning only to get disappointed when the search leads to nowhere. What if there is no such thing as having meaning? What if we don’t need to go on a quest for it? What if life is simply what it is?

Discover insights to these questions through the following topics:

  • The reason for the search for meaning
  • The illusion of borders
  • The discovery in intimate relationships
  • The unbothered life
  • The answer of stillness

The reason for the search for meaning

We search for meaning in our experiences because we want our lives to go smoothly as we like. So, when something deviates from our plans, we ask, “What can this mean?” However, everyday things simply move as they are but our minds tend to put significance to them. It is constantly commenting and searching for meaning.

It is a human experience to ask, “What’s my purpose? What’s the meaning of my life?” We are always convinced we should be this or that. However, the attempt to define meaning is to attempt to define something is good or bad. It is for us to see, in reality, there is no good or bad nor meaning at all.

The illusion of borders

The differentiation of what is good or bad gives a navigational standing of who we are, telling us which side we need to belong to and it can give birth to conflicts. Borders work the same way, too. When we think we belong to a certain border, we define ourselves through it. However, these concepts are just imaginary. Life, itself, doesn’t have any borders.

With sides and borders, we attempt to protect where we ‘belong’ which can mean, we protect who we think we are. We are also convincing those opposite our side to believe what we perceive. So, we think we are right, the other is wrong, and thus, a constant desire for validation.

However, when we start to discover the characters of good and bad are just imaginary, we become compassionate to ourselves by allowing who we are, as well as others by letting them be who they are. We lessen borders into thin lines and accept anyone openly.

The discovery in intimate relationships

The dance of relating brings up everything we don’t want to see. We attempt to find our meaning from others and get disappointed when they seem to interrupt it. When we constantly look for the other person to give meaning to our meaning, we will find out it doesn’t work very well.

When an intimate relationship is not working, we tend to seek for what it means or what it is trying to tell us. We try to change and still not get what we want. However, the moment we let go what we affixed our minds about the relationship, we see that we are okay. We can let go.

Removing the image we want or the character we play allows a presence for others to be who they are. To be in the space of not knowing lets others be who they want. Through our recognition, tremendous amount of relief takes over the pain of images and having meaning.

It is for us to see, there is nothing to hold on or hold back. When we find ourselves in an experience, then, let it be. We can take risks or be vulnerable rather than be untouched by it. We just let the play to play out.

The unbothered life

Life doesn’t care about what we think we are. It lives us alone and lets us be. We are simply experiencing how we perceive life. Moreover, in order to protect the character we have for ourselves, we think all of life is to serve who we are.

However, when there is no character, there is no liking or hating. Though others can resonate with us and there are some who don’t, we can still be at peace within. So, the only solution is to see the truth of what we are which is to see we don’t exist. Funny thing is, it is the last thing we want to see.

The answer of stillness

To be still and numb resolves everything – all the noise of not getting what we want, the character we should or should not be playing, and the search for meanings. When we are still, we will discover our craving for peace, love, joy and harmony are already within us.

What's your take on the search for meaning? What aspect in your life do you try to find it? Share us your thoughts and experiences in the comment box below.

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