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PFL | Waking Up All Parts of Your Self
Presence for Life

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The root dilemma is believing we are unlovable when we are honestly natural. So, there seems to be a kind of love where acceptance can only happen when the ‘ifs’ are satisfied. However, love is always unconditional and other than that is illusion. So, in this episode, Tiger Singleton, Chris Hingel and Lisa Horgan invite us to wake all the parts of ourselves and to be downright honest to what we are.

Glean insights on the following topics of the podcast:

  • Connecting is important
  • Spirituality gives rise to healing and it can be painful
  • In order to connect to life that you are, you have to let go of the life you think you have
  • Are we so far to being human?
  • Why do we desperately search for meaning all the time?
  • The crux of being human
  • The childhood conditioning of separation

Connecting is important

Healing can also take place when we connect with someone who shares similar problems with us. We hold space for another when we begin to see we go through the same issues. When we accept that to be human is to suffer and hold space for each other, great healing happens.

When we see more deeply what life is, the natural movement to hold space is the miracle of the human being. We are drawn to the hearts of others even if they are suffering.

Spirituality gives rise to healing and it can be painful

When something asks for healing, separation is perceived which can be painful. It begs for healing and wholeness. We associate good feelings with seeing all is well. However, the disaster is we find synthetic ways to feel good which can lead to more separation. When we look at the forest where everything is natural, and the society where there’s busyness and confusion, it seems we’ve lost our way, almost creating a separate world. Society seems to be separate to actual truth.

Even so, the perception of being separate is to see wholeness. Recognizing pain is the doorway to healing. Then, we can see there was never separation, only wholeness.

In order to connect to life that you are, you have to let go of the life you think you have

The life we think we have has no presence. When we start thinking about who we are, we are taking yesterday’s thoughts and the future’s projections. It is not reality and just a bunch of ideas about what life should/shouldn’t be. It has a character dancing between the past and the future. On the other hand, the real life that we are is to be present and connected with truth. We can recognize a profound sustenance from it. It is like healing to all things and to know all is well. It is just being alive and part of the forest.

In order for us to be present, we need to let go of the life we think we have. We have to come to terms with all outcomes. We need to return to emptiness but the struggle is, we hold on too much to the life we think we have. So, we can choose to just be still and see what the real issue is. When we find ourselves exhausted and realize we are not going anywhere, it is the moment we can start to relax.

Are we so far to being human?

Rather than we should do this or that, there has to be a depth of sincerity to connect. The answer is not of this world but to allow ourselves to be honest. The root is ourselves. When we are chaotic inside, we don’t allow ourselves to be truthful, and at the end of it is pain.

The hindrance is we don’t let ourselves to flow as if we are separate from guidance. The healing takes place when we let our energy flow in order for us to see what we perceive out there. When we allow energy to flow, it will lead us wherever for a deeper discovery. It is never about where we want to go.

Our hearts trust what breathes through everything and when we see it, we realize we are not separate and we can surrender. We can always be honest to what we are.

Why do we desperately search for meaning all the time?

We always search for meaning because inherently, we know there is none. However, our thoughts move on and on. So, to realize our thoughts don’t go anywhere, we can be still and let them go. However, if we believe our life is in our minds, we feel obligated to think about it. We tend to constantly think about ourselves in order for us to be alive. It is the ego’s way to survive. It may be insane but it is unavoidable. A part of us also wants to separate from the ego. When we feel so, we can see what it is for and realize it is not personal.

The crux of being human

We have a fear of rejection and instability if we choose what we deeply enjoy doing. However, it is for us to see that we can connect with what we authentically enjoy. It is an expression of self-love because we can be honest. We can get the feeling of wholeness because we align with what we like and we are allowed to be as we are.

The childhood conditioning of separation

The desire for children not to go through a world of pain sets the stage for them to see sooner. The moment we wake up all of parts of ourselves, the more it affects the world the way we desire. So, when parents want to wake up and see love, it touches their children. Our responsibility is what we see – the One. What the One sees touches everything.

What makes you connect to your nature? How do you feel to be honestly true to yourself? Share us your experiences and thoughts on this episode by leaving us your comments on the message box below. You are highly appreciated!

Connect 1 on 1

Phone or Skype | Tiger is available to connect 1 on 1 to assist you in clarifying your human experience and connecting with what your heart desires most.
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