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PFL | The Disaster of Spirituality
Presence for Life

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Tiger Singleton, Chris Hingle and Lisa Horan converse about the practicality of spirituality in our everyday lives. Many venture the spiritual journey with the hope of escaping the truth. However, it can lead to a disappointment once the journey starts. To find out more on the disaster of spirituality, join the discussion and receive some inspiration on the following topics:

  • The root of disappointment and frustration
  • Real spiritual practice
  • Disaster of finding oneself in something changing
  • Total experiential accountability
  • Honoring your truth
  • The miraculous unfolding of the unknown
  • Progression in spiritual journey

The root of disappointment and frustration

The basis of disappointment and frustration is we feel a void and find out we can’t fill it. We thought we could by holding on or looking forward to something yet, realize it wasn’t real and see the need to start over.

What helps to soften the blow of disappointments is to see them as opportunities for readjusting ourselves. They remind us we’ve been trying to get something our whole lives and they are expressions of our failure. Recognizing them this way brings us back to humility, openness and surrender. Thus, the real prize is we can come home and let everything go.

We easily use spirituality to run away from what we are truly feeling. So, we completely miss the real value of pain, and resting and feeling it. It is a struggle because intrinsically, we don’t want to feel or acknowledge such void in our lives.

Real spiritual practice

Many people tend to understand spirituality as a way to get out from painful feelings. On the contrary, real spiritual practice is creating space to recognize and feel the pain. It is alright to feel hurt or lost because it is to see how true the disappointment is and there is nothing to hold on.

A lot of followers use spiritual tools to make everything positive. There is nothing wrong with it but real seekers realize the true path to spirituality is to see what negative feelings are teaching. Life is about making peace with the void because its presence is true.

Temporarily, spiritual concepts and messages may help to remove negative emotions. However, it is natural for negative feelings to come out sooner or later. For example, the more we suppress anger, the more it becomes violent. On the other hand, the moment we let anger be, we less likely to act on it. When we also see other’s anger as not personal, we let them be angry, too.

Spirituality invites us to simply acknowledge our deepest real feelings. It is for us to acknowledge the collapse of what we thought we knew, getting terrified by it, questioning how long we will feel it and there is nothing we can do. When we come to terms to the futility we can’t fix it, at that moment, something will begin to show.

So, a fundamental lesson is whatever we think is moving, it is not going to go however we think. We can surrender to the flow with the recognition that the movement is simply going to change.

Disaster of finding oneself in something changing

There is a tendency of following teachers for our spirituality and expecting them to precisely act on dogma. So, when there is a change, it creates a disturbance and blame-game. However, teachers are just being themselves, they are also learning and will also change.

The disaster is we try to find ourselves in what is always changing. The precipice of spirituality is to expose to us that we are trying to find the unchanging (ourselves) from the changing. It will never work because everything transforms.

Total experiential accountability

Total experiential accountability is taking responsibility for our experience and not getting distracted by how others see it. Whatever we experience, we are the creator. Our responsibility is our ability to respond to the truth – are we more willing to be still and take accountability, or are we more willing to cling, blame and proclaim our experiences are done by something out there?

Clinging is evident in the positive and negative outlook taken towards life. The tendency of siding with the positive is to push the possibility of the negative. The positivism is used to fill the void and reject the bad when in reality, good or bad feelings will always come and go.

There is a natural pull to the center whatever side we cling to. So, it is for us to acknowledge the positive and negative, and chill out. We can admit we don’t know anything rather than constantly push the threats.

Positive and negative outlooks are just ways of seeing but there is no reality to them. The real issue is we believe we shouldn’t feel scared when it is alright to feel so. The human being’s biggest weakness is not acknowledging when they are afraid but it will be their strength to admit, “I don’t have to pretend something I am not.”

Honoring your truth

Honoring what resonates is honoring the truth. What brings us back to ourselves is being really honest about what resonates with us, what’s true to us and what we really feel deep inside. It is the greatest honoring of the truth rather than a spiritual quote or concept.

We can start by acknowledging what we feel or resonate with us. We can allow ourselves to have such thoughts. When we see we don’t really have what we are trying to cling to, it is easier for us to accept the truth.

Reality is we have thoughts, feelings, and a mirage of what seems to be real. Even if they are illusionary in nature, they are real experientially. So, honoring the truth is acknowledging what’s being experienced rather than denying it. Thus, let us follow our bliss and what resonates with us.

The miraculous unfolding of the unknown

We might as well honor the truth because we don’t know what is unfolding. When we don’t honor, we think we know what is coming next but it is sacrificing reality for the imagined. So, we are invited to see that at this moment, the disturbances don’t matter and what’s left is our judgment. There is also no big deal about future disturbances because they will pass, too.

Progression in spiritual journey

Getting a grip of our spiritual journey is getting honest with ourselves. It can be illustrated between, “I am amazed with my life,” and “I am amazed with life.”

“I am amazed with my life,” is looking at what we think we have which are all self-ideas. We are always thinking about what we can get or what’s going to happen to us. It is understandable but only making reference to a self which is not there.

Meanwhile, “I am amazed with life,” is a continual deepening of appreciation of life as whole, as a miracle. Our character is not even there. We are appreciating everything as it is.

Spirituality encourages us to lessen our grip on who we think we are. The least we are concerned of our self-image, the quieter we become.

What do you think are the misinterpretations in taking a spiritual journey? What for you is a real experience of spirituality? Share us your thoughts on this episode by leaving us your comments on the message box below. You are highly appreciated!

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