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In this podcast, Tiger Singleton, Chris Hingle, Lisa Horan and with guest artists, Jeska Onderwater and Hoi inspire us on the value of real self-expression. They share with us the opportunity to look at who we are singing (dancing, painting, writing and so many more) to. What is our service about when we use our gifts? Is it a devotion? Is it a sacred opportunity to express the magic within ourselves or is it an egoic agenda finding itself for approval?

To answer those questions, here are some pointers of this podcast:

  • The purpose of visualization
  • The value of our gifts and talents
  • The difficulty in self-expression
  • The question of changing oneself
  • The nature of being disturbed

The purpose of visualization

Visualization is oftentimes practiced in spiritual activities. Tiger explains that it can be an ego’s trap where we tend to believe the images we are visualizing are something that we really want. However, he says that the value of visualization is to see how one’s emotional system responds to perception. What we are truly craving is wholeness. So, we can perceive the practice of visualizing as an opportunity to feel whole.

The ego may put up symbols of wholeness like a big house, luxurious car and career advancement but we are encouraged to watch what’s going on inside of us. As long as it is based on truth, then, it is alright. We can ask ourselves, “Am I having fun in this? Does this make me feel wonderful?”

The value of our gifts and talents

We find our gifts when we are honest about what we enjoy. Confusion can happen when the egoic mind attaches to a form so, we believe that what we do (e.g. singer, painter, writer, dancer and any other passion) is the only way to make us feel worthy.

Tiger describes real art as an expression of our sincerity and not on what is most spiritual. We can be sincere to feeling angry and it can give birth to art. We can say our talents are a doorway for us to be in the presence and these gifts will find their way into the world with our sincerity intact.

Tiger also encourages us to see any disturbance in our journey as a way to be honest on why we are doing what we are doing. If it is all about numbers, practicality, acknowledgement, then, it can be an ego talk. Meanwhile, if it comes from a love to be with people, to simply share without expectations then, our talents can be done anywhere.

The difficulty in self-expression

Society is strongly connected by work, money, passion and when the mind comes in, it is hard to trust especially when we believe in 10,000 things. For example, if we believe other’s opinion is about us then, there are 10,000 opinions we need to deal with. On the other hand, if we see that any opinion is not about us then, there is no opinion to deal with.

The difficulty of expressing ourselves happens when we are looking for compliments and scared of the insults. So, we are reminded to create something we are happy about and share it no matter who may like it or not.

Sometimes, there is a pain response when we hold back self-expression where it feels like if we don’t share, it is going to hurt. We can keep listening to that pain so we can realize where it comes from. By doing so, we can experience a profound letting go of the world. It is also important to acknowledge the ego because it is participating in the discovery that allows us to go deeper to who we are. It is helping us grow and discover ourselves.

We need to remember there’s an option to see that it is an adventure whatever is happening. Whatever flows through us, life is asking for it, for our sincerity to get in touch with our expression. What matters is the energy we bring to it - are we following a path of love and openness or fear or doubt?

As Tiger puts it, “There are infinite expressions and there is truth in those expressions. (T.S., 2019)” So, let’s embrace our craziness rather than force ourselves to change. Let people see what they see.

The question of changing oneself

People tend to pressure themselves to change for different reasons. It can be approval, acceptance, and acknowledgement and so on. Yet, the whole time, they are murdering their hearts for these reasons rather than relaxing and saying, “I am okay. This is who I am right now.”

If there is an urge for a change, ask oneself first, “Where is the unhappiness coming from? Why do I need to change? Is it because of who I am or how I or others see me?”

Tiger also shares the perspective that the sincerity life draws to us is to see who we really are beyond all the noise. When we see who we are, who other people are, and what life is, we can’t help but fall in love with everything because all is true to their nature.

So, it important to examine what we want and take inventory of them. Then, transform them to things we would enjoy where we can share our love.

The nature of being disturbed

Why is there a disturbance in our self-expression and journey? It is because we can’t find ourselves. All suffering come from the collapse of our imagined sense of self - who we think we are. Remember, disturbances has nothing to do with anything, we are just putting meaning to it.

When we see there’s no self to judge, nothing to control and find, we will discover nothing is in our way. Every being, object and the surroundings become beautiful. So, relax and let go.

What has the discovery of your gifts and talents lead you? What are your experiences of attempting to change a part of yourself and what did you learn from them? Share us your thoughts about this podcast and your experiences by leaving us a message on the comment box below. Thank you for listening and keep being a present!

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Phone or Skype | Tiger is available to connect 1 on 1 to assist you in clarifying your human experience and connecting with what your heart desires most.
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