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Let Go of Your Life, And Heal | See the Real; V1.5

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Let Go of Your Life, And Heal | See the Real; V1.5
See The Real; 5 Day Retreat Audio

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Journey inward and explore the landscape of your inherent connection with all that is. Tiger Singleton lifts the curtain of perception and exposes the profound truth of what you are. This is day 1, track 5, of a 5-day retreat experience held in Sweden, August 2019.


In many ways, it's been said that enlightenment is the capacity to make peace with the unknown and that's where your liberation is going to be found. It's not in finding something else to know. It's in being totally okay with the unknown.

Have you noticed, as you've traveled this life, (this is kind of hilarious), the disappointment you've experienced over and over and over again essentially says this, “I thought I knew something and I found out I didn't”? You ever noticed this? That sums it up, “I thought I knew something.” Do you see this movement inside of you that’s still trying to know something? It's trying to skip over the unknown.

I'm inviting you to stop there in the unknown and see that actually, throughout your whole life you've never known, ever. You've only pretended to know.

This is probably the foundation of the truth that we come to terms with “I don't know.” The more you see that it's always been that way, the easier it is to come to terms with it. To be able to observe that it's only the mind that thinks it knows, do you see the difference between what you are and the mind’s reality?

We think our mind is life. We think we are our minds. You are not your thinking, but to be able to take to heart this discovery that you keep having over and over and over again, which is “I thought I knew something,” the next time your mind thinks it knows something like, “Oh, I've been here before,” anytime you think you know something, you will notice a tension in your body, a restriction almost like a slight fear that says, “But, I don't really know. That scares me.”

I invite you to see playfully and gently the disaster that comes with thinking you know, thinking you know what should happen, what shouldn't happen, thinking you know what the best is for other people, thinking you know what's best for you.

Have you noticed that your most profound breakthroughs in life that have really opened your heart to more love, has come by way of seeing what you're afraid of? Your big breakthroughs in a way we can say have come through suffering.

If you were to ask your mind, “What do I need?” Your mind will say, “To not see what you're afraid of, to avoid suffering at all costs,” which really shows why this process of awakening can seem to take so long. When really, maybe you see the invitation that what I'm saying is to completely let go, to fall into life and say, “I'm yours. You know what's best for me. Show me. I'm ready to lose it all.”

Aren't those the most profound moments in your life where you're ready to lose it all? You're ready to just let it all go? That's certainly true in relationships. Your most profound breakthrough in relationship is when you're ready to walk out the door, when you're no longer holding on.

Your most profound breakthrough in your life will happen when you're no longer holding on to your life, which is like thinking you know what your life is about, where you should be, where it should be going, what you need or what you don't need.

Do you see that as it relates to all being one? Do you see that if it really was one, if it was really one, you'd let go completely? The more separate you are, the more separate you imagine yourself to be, now the more things you need, the more things you want.

The kind of invitation that I extend to you over this retreat is to get intimate with yourself and asking, “Am I ready?” Be honest with yourself and say that you're not. Then, we'll look at that not and shower it with love, compassion, and understanding. If anything for a few days, we'll just stop judging ourselves.

What is the way of healing? To see that it's already done and that there is nothing unhealed. The only something that asks to be healed is the way that you see. Healing is synonymous with wholeness. Wholeness already is. You just don't see it. For example, if I have the flu, am I experiencing the flu or am I experiencing how I see the flu? I don't know about you, but I love the flu because that means I get a week of watching Netflix and my body goes to work. Thank you, flu, for being exactly what you are right on time.

You see what that kind of perception, the experience is dramatically different from somebody who's arguing with the flu and in the confusion the mind says, “I'm healed when the flu goes away”? Do you see like that's a big, “Fuck you,” to the flu. Sincerely? Do you see that? “I'm healed when this goes away,” when the flu is literally an expression of health. To say, “I will be healed when it goes away” is to reject yourself, to reject what you are. Same with every other disease. You do not experience that thing out there. You experience how you see it. You experience your relationship with it and it exposes the relationship you have with yourself.

Countless times in doing this sharing over the past 10 years, I've talked to people who have been diagnosed with this, that and the other. I'm amazed at what I hear. “I got cancer and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I finally let go. I finally started to enjoy myself.” I had a friend that got a brain tumor. She told me about it and I say, “Congratulations!” She goes, “You know what? Thank you. I'm tired of people feeling sorry for me. I know that this is for me somehow.”

She had spent so much time trying not to get sick, eating all the right things, doing all the right yoga moves, then here comes a fucking brain tumor. The doctor says, “You're probably gonna die.” So, what did she do? “Ah, screw all this health stuff. I'm just going to enjoy myself”

In this life, it literally doesn't matter what you do or what you don't do. If there's anything that matters, what matters is the energy that you bring to it. Are you bringing love to it? Are you bringing fear? Is being healthy an act of love or is it a fear of getting sick? Is it a fear of dying? Is your relationship a movement of sharing love or is it a fear of being alone? Do you see what I'm saying?

It literally has nothing to do with what you do. The experience of fear moving or love moving is entirely based on what you see and that has nothing to do with doing at all. I will tell you, the more you see the truth of what you are, then by default, love will move.

This is the simplicity that I think we miss is the profound nature of simply seeing the truth. The busy mind is concerned with that because it wants to do something which in many cases is just a way of avoiding - avoiding the truth.

I invite you to be somewhat vigilant of that because even if you're doing spiritual things, it doesn't mean that you're moving in the truth. The truth itself, spirituality in its most pure form has nothing to do with spiritual activities. Do you see how, what I'm pointing to is like a profound intimacy with silence where it's just like, “Be still. Don't move.”? What's actually true? What's real?

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