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Guided Meditation | Release Worry & Trust
Guided Meditations

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This meditation is going to extend an invitation to let go of worry

and as we rest here in this space, we’re going to acknowledge the most simple of things.

we’re going to invite ourselves into presence.

and the doorway to such a relaxation is to acknowledge the movement of the mind and yet also acknowledged what’s actually happening. And in this we can come on to what’s real

we can honor the breath that breathe

in every moment you notice the mind wander. It’s simply an opportunity to come back to this moment. A gentle acknowledgement of, Oh yeah, here I am.

we can make contact with a sincerity within ourselves that can ask, is there anything to worry about right now?

yeah, sure. The mind can imagine many things tomorrow.

the mind can try and bring yesterday into today

but yet in looking at what’s real

maybe we can recognize that right now there’s no need Tori

and so even if it is just for this moment

we can gift ourselves a space that is free of worry. We can finally breathe.

please see that this was a gift that you give to yourself.

permission to be present.

permission to be still

permission to not know

let’s recognize that this moment needs nothing

everything that this might need

is already given.

Even the breath needs nothing as the breath is already given

in order for you to be here right now, nothing is needed in this. We can recognize the alignness of what you are, the truth of, what you are as abundantly taken care of right now. And of course this has been the truth your entire life, the realness of what you are taking care of. And we can see very clearly that that arrest in this moment right now where you are is whole.

not missing anything.

to such degree we can look back on our lives and see that there was never anything to worry about.

you’ve always been taken care of

in order for you to be here right now, you have gotten everything you needed.

this invites us to connect with a trust

the trust in that which has provided a trust in that which has carried you through

a trust in life itself.

and as an energy of worry might look into the future, we can recognize that this worry simply projects limitation, afraid that something might go wrong.

and in this moment we can acknowledge the truth of the matter and that is if there’s worry, we’re just scared.

in the most adorable way. We are scared that life might stop being a miracle. That is super cute.

notice the adorable quality of this worry, a worry that imagined you might be separate from life

and in this space we can extend a love, a kindness, compassion for that fear

the fear that imagined yourself to be separate, that imagines yourself to be disconnected from this miracle and we can see throughout our whole lives it’s always been an innocent misunderstanding. Ultimately to find out there is nothing to worry about

until we can relax

which is not to push away worry, but the whole space for it. Knowing that it’s just a misunderstanding about what’s real

you can see that if we push away the worry, we’re simply worried about or worry

no need to fear the fear

we can acknowledge its presence and say yes, we’ve been here many, many times before

and quite obviously this is yet another opportunity to trust Life

Remembered Harmony

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