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Guided Meditation - All is Forgiven
Guided Meditations

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Guided Meditation Begins

As we rest here in this meditative space, I invite us to recognize a space within us that is untouched by all that rises and falls. 

It is the space within you that allows for every noise,

This space that allows for all sensation,

This space allows for the in-breath and the out-breath.

To connect with this space, it will manifest in your body as the release of tension. Even in the allowing of what is tense, attention, relaxing.

And, just for these moments together, we can relax into a space where everything is allowed.

And, we can notice in the body the tension that arises is almost attention that says something is not allowed, something being resisted, something being pushed away.

I invite you to recognize that in the space of life, in the space of this moment, there is a presence that allows everything. 

And, I invite you to recognize in some way or another that this presence that allows is coming from inside of you. It's almost like an awareness, an awakeness that allows everything.

In such a space of allowing, you will see that there's no effort.

The more you recognize the space of this allowing, the more present you become. It's almost like you're going back to the beginning.

And, I invite you to recognize in everything that is rising and falling in life, all of the forms, all of the sounds and sensations. None of this requires any effort from you.

For life to be life, requires nothing from you.

And, notice even this space of allowing, you can't even do the allowing. You can simply see that it's already done, it's already allowed.

Please notice the distinction in this. We do not do the allowing.

You recognize that it's already done.

And my friends, I can promise you it is the same for everything that you desire.

Be it peace, love, joy, forgiveness.

Whatever is longed for, whatever is seen to be missing, we simply don't recognize its presence right now.

Meditation provides us the opportunity to relax into what is already present, what is already here.

Connect 1 on 1

Phone or Skype | Tiger is available to connect 1 on 1 to assist you in clarifying your human experience and connecting with what your heart desires most.
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