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Connecting with Wellness | See The Real; V.1.1

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Connecting with Wellness | See The Real; V.1.1
See The Real; 5 Day Retreat Audio

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Journey inward and explore the landscape of your inherent connection with all that is. Tiger Singleton lifts the curtain of perception and exposes the profound truth of what you are. This is day 1, track 1, of a 5-day retreat experience held in Sweden, August 2019.


I'd like for a moment to invite you to reflect on the motivation for engaging anything that we might call spiritual- be it yoga, meditation, retreat - why?

For some, there's a motivation that looks towards healing. For some, there's a motivation that looks towards enjoying. There's a motivation of absolute confusion, wondering, “What the hell is life? What's going on?” And, whether you're brought here this week motivated by a pain or motivated by a joy, there's a similar quality in everything that we're looking to connect with as it relates to the spiritual, and one way is you can say, “Oh, I want to connect with wellness,” maybe feeling somewhat separate from it.

Another person motivated by joy says, “I really enjoy resting in wellness.” And, I think regardless of what story we might tell that motivates us, I think in some way or another, there's this movement within the human being that longs to be in the space of wellness.

I find that it's incredibly important that we be profoundly sincere about the most simple thing. Naturally, the mind can go on and on and on about reasons, but underneath all of the commentary, all of the commotions, there's something profoundly sincere.

If there's any value that I will be able to share with you, it certainly isn't going to be adding to the complexity. It's not going to be teaching you something. It's going to be remembering the most simple thing.
If you're unfamiliar with this something that we call “satsang,” really it's an opportunity to gently investigate the nature of life, the nature of self, and discovering a clarity within our being that truly recognizes all is well.

Not just well because I might say, “All is well,” because you want to believe all is well; but you see something profound that's beyond your own ability to describe it in such a way that you might leave this retreat and somebody asks you, “What happened?” You say, “I don't know, but it was amazing.”

I liked that we start this retreat with a theme of silence. For me, that silence is an invitation to recognize that we crave an inner silence and this directly speaks to the problematic experience of being human. It seems so noisy on the inside.

I invite us to recognize this- that the dilemma in being human really has nothing to do with what's happening in the world, what's happening in your life. The dilemma, if there is such a thing, is the commotion on the inside to the degree that we find that there isn't this permission to just relax, to just be, almost as if, we feel like we are held hostage by the mind's commentary. We feel obligated to think about that which isn't happening.

If there's any play of exhaustion in where the mind might say, “I'm exhausted with life,” can you recognize that this exhaustion is an exhaustion with the noise?

This is really important to acknowledge because part of the difficulty that makes connecting with wellness so distant is there is a belief that the noise is out there, outside of you, where the mind says, “If only this would change, then I could relax”, “If only I got what I wanted tomorrow, then I can relax”, “If only this other person wasn't this other person, then I could relax.”

The investigation of these things, this is not yet another opportunity to judge yourself. It's an opportunity to observe, to see what's actually happening rather than what we want to be happening, rather than what we believe is happening. It's a question of what's really true, what's real.

In your experience of being human, I just invite you to recognize this play throughout your life that was either painfully waiting for something to change or desperately seeking after a change, and see how you've played this game in numerous ways … numerous ways. All of your reasons for not being able to relax, the reasons for not being able to enjoy, the reasons for not being able to love, in some way or another, there was a sense of blame that said, “It's because of that.”

Maybe there has been a theme in our lives that constantly says, “If only… if only,” and then we exhaust ourselves, even more, trying to capture the, ‘if only.’ And, I want to invite you to ask my favorite question, “How's that going?”

To recognize that in some way or another, there's been a constant looking for something, hoping for something, wanting something. And even if you imagined yourself to capture it, the enjoyment lasted five minutes and you found something else to want.

What I'm inviting you to see is that this element of being human that's constantly looking for something, it's not working. And I would imagine, at some point as we get closer to what might be the end of our lives, we look back and say, “Why didn't I just enjoy myself? What the hell?” So playfully, these days together, it's my playful intention to destroy all of your excuses for not enjoying yourself, for not falling madly in love with Life and everything you see.

Connect 1 on 1

Phone or Skype | Tiger is available to connect 1 on 1 to assist you in clarifying your human experience and connecting with what your heart desires most.
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