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The mind is constantly asking, “What does this mean?” It is wise to recognize in whatever search, what we are trying to grasp is meaning about ourselves. We are constantly asking the question, “Who am I?” This episode Tiger Singleton muses on these pointers on The Impossible Search for Meaning:

  • What can the search for meaning lead to?
  • Does life have to have a meaning?
  • How does searching for meaning motivate us?
  • What is the value of meaning? Why does it seem helpful?
  • What can we do with our search for meaning?
  • Is life destined?

What can the search for meaning lead to?

Humans are in a conquest to search for their life’s meaning. However, there is an intrinsic terror when finding out there’s no meaning at all. It is as if when something seems to have meaning but loses it, something inside one’s being wants to die.

Tiger shares, the disaster in going to spirituality is looking for meaning. However, for the sincere seeker, he will find out it is unnecessary to search for meaning, and any thoughts about life are irrelevant and untrue.

Does life have to have a meaning?

The ego sense-of-self will agree. It has a problem with not finding any meaning because it can’t capture its own and it can’t find itself.

So, we are invited to see the agitation from finding our life’s meaning. A reason for our pain and disappointment is not being able to find ourselves. We also feel disappointed of others because we are finding ourselves through them but they are not doing what they are supposed to do.

In relationships, we keep seeing the same truth that our intrinsic determination to capture something and give meaning just continuously fails.

How does searching for meaning motivate us?

It is natural, if we can’t find meaning, we feel something is missing. Meanwhile, if something has meaning for us, we feel relaxed and at-peace. To have meaning allows our minds to focus and calm down.

Tiger suggests, though it is understandable to be in constant search, we experience difficulty because of our strong belief in meanings. Sooner or later, they will vanish and we will stress ourselves in finding a new one again.

What is the value of meaning? Why does it seem helpful?

The most helpful meaning to have is wholeness which says, “I am where I am supposed to be”, “I am loved,” or “I am important.” They are helpful because they are truer to the perception of wholeness rather than the meaning of separation where we feel we are not enough and distant.

Tiger further explains, the totality of nature is whole, and spirituality shows everything is connected and one. So, the meaning of wholeness is closer to the truth of our nature. We feel better when we have a meaning projecting wholeness.

What can we do with our search for meaning?

It is very human to find meaning to life. However, Tiger suggests to simply look at what’s happening when we berate ourselves with our constant search.

Many who believe their meaning is, for example, a spouse or parent and get into their roles can end up disappointed once others disturbed their meaning. Others, who can be so determined about their meaning, can also resort to violence just to maintain their perceived self-image.

Though it is alright for us to play the game of meaning, it is also for us to recognize it is not going to bring about liberation and total peace in us. When we let go of meanings, we can suffer less.

The way of enlightenment is doing without second-guessing and just allow things to unfold as they are. Thus, giving up the idea of searching for meaning allows total joy. We can finally be present and simply let life flow naturally.

Is life destined?

Life is destined which means life will be.

It is our interpretation which affects how we perceive our experiences. Many of us will see experiences as beautiful while others will look with resentment. It doesn’t matter what takes place because we keep experiencing how we see. So, it is up to us how we acknowledge the natural flow of life. We can change how we see but we can’t change life.

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