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CMSM | Self-Expression in Today's World
Cascais Meditation & Spiritual ...

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Music Guest: Jeska Onderwater

Show summary: For this episode of CMSM, Tiger inspires us to express ourselves in today’s world by allowing the truth of who we are. With guest singer, Jeska Onderwater, we are invited to recognize we are flowing through life to honor the One. We definitely are blessed!

The musings of this episode are:

  • The opportunity of self-expression in today’s world
  • The obstacle in self-expression
  • Our gifts and talents are a service to the truth
  • Love can flow when we see this

The opportunity of self-expression in today’s world

Tiger shares with us that expressing ourselves in today’s world is an opportunity to just let Life flow. Life’s flow is the expression and everything expresses the One. The moment we recognize the One, we relax, and offer ourselves to Life.

What restricts us to fully express ourselves is our attempt to hold on to who we think we are. It is an ego structure when we believe it is necessary for us to protect our idea of ourselves. However, when we realize that it is an ego play, it can become an opportunity for us to be nearer to the sacred.

We can observe the ego with compassion and love and realize that any disturbance is an innocent misunderstanding. When we see the truth of what’s happening, we simply listen to it knowing in our hearts all is well. We can see that ego’s confusion is also an opportunity for love to be seen.

The obstacle in self-expression

Expressing ourselves in the world can be compared in relationships. The difficulty in relationships happens when we try to get something from it. We believe that when we can get something, we can be ourselves. Tiger says, “You can’t be you. The frustration of being human is thinking there’s something that we want,” (T.S., 2019).

The opportunity of relating is to see what we already are similar to the relationship of life.

When we share love, we feel love. Whatever we give, we give to ourselves. Likewise, when we are trying to take something, we assume we do not have it. It is for us to ask ourselves, what does it feel?

Our gifts and talents are a service to the truth

It is about God, life itself, the miracle of being. Everything that happens is in service to the truth so life can be life. None is in service of who we think we are, none is personal.

Our gift and talents are not about us. Whatever flows thru us, life is asking for it, for our sincerity, our heart, confusion, fear and everything else. We give all back to God. So, we need to stop trying to get credit for what we can give.

Love can flow when we see this

The willingness to observe what is happening is the moment that is allowed to flow. When we acknowledge what pain is about, when we lose our self-importance, love can go there.

Being disturbed lays a foundation for love to be seen. It leads to a deeper discovery of love. However, often times though, we ignore such sincerity and we try harder and harder.

So, we are encouraged to let people see what they see. If there is difficulty, there is something in you that not let them see what they see. Believe in something different.

Tiger adds, “When you see deeply that nobody else sees you or they stop wanting to see you, just let go. If you really want to be seen, what you are asking for is to see the truth. The mind can distort that desire by saying, ‘I want to be loved,’ (T.S. 2019). When that happens, we separate ourselves by wanting someone to love us.

If we see ourselves trying to protect, avoid, defend, we can be honest about why are we so? We can ask ourselves, “Why are you afraid?” The answer often times leads to our fear of losing who we think we are so, see that and we will see we are everything.

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