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CMSM | Nature of Focus
Cascais Meditation & Spiritual ...

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Show summary: In this moment, it is vital to recognize the truth, to surrender the guilt brought from the past and the worries from the future. Allow this invitation from Tiger Singleton to redirect your focus to the present and devote yourself to the truth. What is genuine devotion? What is deep focus? These questions and much more are answered in this episode of Cascais Meditation and Spiritual Musings.

Welcome to Cascais Meditation and Spiritual Musings!

Honored once again to take a moment and checked in. The topic is focus and devotion. It is a subject matter I am excited to explore the parallels of humanness which is focus and spiritual thing which devotion. Recognize the beauty of that they can’t be separated.

Format: guided meditation, spontaneous rambles of spiritual insight focus and devotion and engage in questions and dialogues.

Start of meditation

(Moments of silence)

So often we miss the power of presence and the power of stillness and the invitation of meditation is to connect such space that reminds us of great strength.

For a short time, allow yourself to come home to presence and invite space of stillness.

This doorway connects within ourselves to see deeply from where we are. It is a great allowing of what it is - every noise, sensation and heartbeat.

All is surrendered, all is allowed.

We take a moment to discern and acknowledge what is real even if the mind wonders here or there, backward or forward.

We can acknowledge reality of right now. Within the mind, the noise, and commotion, is this space right now.

Allow yourself to melt into what is real while releasing what is not.

I invite you to recognize an internal quiet space - nothing to say, just allowing.

Recognize space is undisturbed by all the noise

Unconcerned about what might arise/fall for everything is allowed.

(Moments of silence)

Notice in this quiet space, there is no concern, no problem to be solved.

I just invited you to see to connect such presence, to feel in the depth of willingness, to perceive and welcome love that embraces.

A profound openness from life to life. The visual I get to explore such is the sun looking above to the earth saying, “Let me see you.” This is the openness, “Let me see”.


End of meditation bell.

The opportunity of focus and devotion, we can playfully explore this in a human context how every life’s subtle invitation is brought by pain in feeling something which is opposite of focus. Let’s explore this perceived opposite. In my experience, it is loud when focus is distant, almost impossible to attend to what is in front of me. The mind is disturbed in 10,000 things from the past and future. I can only focus now. Not focus on the future. Focus is what’s happening now, bringing being into movement that it’s allowing distraction to fade, allowing to surrender which is not here. Something within self-focus is engaged.

Human beings are distracted by a mental commentary based on fear. When we are not focused, we are afraid. Recognition of focus is to love. Focus in giving your attention fully is a beautiful illustration of love. What is the fear to distract us? I think, simply it is, recognizing the sense of inadequacy, a concern we will fail. Why try? Why focus when it results in failure?

Naturally, it points to a human confusion which is a misunderstanding where we are in life to get something. We engage in focus because of a prize in the future. Fear arises because of this, because we believe we are not enough.

So, this is an invitation to focus. Not to get something in the future but as an opportunity to see presence as an opportunity. See this as a love shared between two people. Do you see the disingenuity of a nature of love that says, “I love you right now so I can get something from you in the future?” It is not genuine love at all. Why would love arise? A love that sees love. We explore seeing things as they truly are. More love is seen, more love is exposed.

When I see what is true and clear, love rises and focus rises. Reality becomes clearer when you are focused in the present. It is a love that blooms. It is a permission to be present. In truth and reality, finding the permission to be present is a permission to focus. The entirety of your being is to devote itself to life that is.

The perceived lack of focus is a misunderstanding about what is real and true. Lack of focus is all sorts of ‘shoulds’ rather than asking what’s deeply true. Connecting to this is finding your focus.

Let’s look at devotion in a spiritual context. All throughout time and spirituality, there is a devotion of what is truth. There is a willingness to give up nonsense and give up what you are to the truth, to devote yourself and give yourself to. We crave within us to be devoted. There is a wish to give myself to something, finding a purpose to give myself to.

There is sweetness in such recognition. Recognize your being. In spiritual context, the devotion is toward truth, what is real. Devotion toward what is real is the sacredness towards the spiritual. What is true? What is real? Notice that idea points to a truth or reality beyond all mental noise. The spiritual practice has a purpose to bring back to what is real at this moment. What do you discover? Permission to be present.

In humanness, permission is lacking. "There is no permission to be myself so I need to fix something, to acquire and get." All this is running from yesterday or running to tomorrow. It is missing the magic of the present. It is important to recognize the difficulty of devotion which is it's not okay to be present. So, I invite you by asking you why you are not being you. Why are you not relaxed? Why are you not present? Do they pertain to now, to the truth, to what is real? Or are you projecting a belief of what you are? And that projection brings a fear of losing love which is impossible.

See the correlation between presence, devotion and focus. In the three, they point towards truth. What is real, too? It is a great honoring of what is real. Great honoring arises and you will see a great beauty of what is real. You see great love of what is real.

Here’s where we get to the juice of it. What is real is also asking what is alive. Here finds the fuel of passion. What is genuine? Being genuine and sincere speaks to what is real and true. The disconnection of spiritual and humanness is the assumption that truth is a fanciful spiritual idea or image. Real spirituality is opportunity to see what is real and true. It is not a sentence or a quote. It is what is genuine within you that wants to breathe. It is an invitation to see beyond self-condemnation, self-judgement that says, "It is not allowed to be the truth."

Beyond such noise, recognize truth as truth. It is the only option because it is. So I invite you to explore the possibility of devotion and focus. It is asking sincerity within you. There might be an innocence denied, preventing the opportunity for devotion to move.

It becomes easier to see silliness why we don’t allow. For me, practically speaking, I see a play to humanness wrapped in a world of shoulds. It is because I can be accepted. Be like others for acceptance. I shouldn’t be what I am so I can be accepted by you. I will reject myself. Is it honoring the truth? This is a devotion towards not true.

This speaks to being human where we believe we are here to get things in the world and deny yourself to see the world. Then, you realize you are not getting it. The teacher says you could have devoted to the truth. See how that moment gets in the future? Believing there is something to gain in the future? Something you can lose to and this is under of fear that you can be lost?

There is nothing to fear. The appearance to gain or lose are just stories being told. “I can paint positive and negative,” but it is not what it is. Painting a gain or lose does not capture anything real. There is nothing gained. It is an illusion of gaining and losing that keeps us twisted, unavailable to be present.

This is an invitation to surrender the character that fears the loss and looking for the gain. It is an invitation that makes way for the truth. To move authentically, joyfully is honoring the truth. I have encountered people who are completely scared in their life journey. What has been centered in their life is a life not their own. They are living in the way other people want them to live, how people want them to live so they can get something. Examine that and take a breath and see what is sincere, genuine and from your heart.

Allow such sincerity and you will find you are doing these things like you are obligated. “Someone might not like me.” See the person you built for yourself. Devotion is a willingness to see what is real, what is truth. Find a life of passion to simply be alive.

Gratitude is an appreciation of what is. Debt of gratitude is being grateful for everything. It is seeing an interconnection of all things. Connection of this or that is the depth of discovery. Such gratitude is an invitation to let go of the past so, I can be present now.

All experiences are training ground into presence. In my experience, life has stripped away everything I wanted to stop chasing. That is the disaster of failing to get what you want. There is nothing to get. Stop trying to get and you become more present this way. When you believe you need to get something, you are assuming you are missing something. That projection makes being present impossible. The difficulty of being present is thinking you are missing something.

The more you discover and see the truth of you, the more present you become.

Realizing this is relief. It is a permission to be present, to be yourself, to see what is true. You think you are painting an elegant picture. But in reality, it is not elegant but a beautiful mess.

In relational devotion, I imagine myself what I am to another. “I see the truth of what you are so I want to devote myself, devote what I am and see the depth of your beauty. I can’t help but serve.” That devotion doesn’t move with wanting. What gets in the way is wanting, “I love you if…”

Primacy question is what is true? Real? See that and others will be handed unto you.

If you feel difficulty in your devotion in a relationship, question the barrier. “I am not getting what I want from you”. It is impossible to get that, but when all is surrendered, it is honoring what you are.

Devotion is stopped by wanting. In family, it is difficult for devotion to play out because of wanting to be this or that for the other. Real devotion is you being you.

Notice how the less you want, the more beautiful they become?

You want something from the family for a sense of identity. But when there is no attachment, naturally, there is a beauty.

In relationship dynamics, it begins when there’s just fascination for the other and that’s the most beautiful thing. When wanting becoming to merge, the less beautiful the other becomes. Being afraid makes everything ugly. But, nothing changes. The other person didn’t change. You just started looking with fearful eyes.

It is not that. In my experience, what I learned to do is to let go of the outcome, the fearful idea I can’t follow through. Fear is wanting something in the future. Fear of that is denying aliveness of interest.

It is the same thing between relationship with other or with life. Honoring the sincerity of your own aliveness is devotion to sacredness. Truth of what you are is the sacred. To clarify, the devotion of an image of you or the ego is wanting something in the future.

Are you withholding sincerity because of the future? That is the devotion of the ego. This is selfishness to get something to the future.

In relational stand point, concern is seen of selfishness. Selfishness is to tell you not to be you because it makes me uncomfortable. For me, being selfish is for you to be what I want so I can keep hiding. It is selfish for me to want you to deny your sincerity. Ego will say, “You are selfish because you are not doing what I want you to do,” which is typical on how the world sees it.

Society is very focused on the future. It is focused on securing the future. The fundamental misconception is there is something in the future you don’t have now. See how the future is experiencing a lack? Experiencing a lack that you can’t be present?

The game wasn’t about winning in the future. The game was the journey. In the landscape of life is the opportunity to play. There is a difference of what I want in the future and what is true and sincere right now. The world is just focused on protecting the future.

There is an innocent misunderstanding where it is ok. The difficulty of waking up to the truth is we don’t see the innocence. You are not the one who forgets. It is just watching what happened. The greatest influence of the journey of waking up is openness.

If the storm interrupts your plans for the future, it is not beautiful. Truth of what happened interrupted the illusion of what you want, and so, you reject the truth.

“I’m Sorry,” can be a statement to say, “I love you.” It can be a statement of immediate forgiveness and it is ok, “I love you for doing it.” Our guilt is the way our separate humanness tries to hold on to our guilty conscience that is grounded to our ego structure that we project to other people, making a way for problems especially in relationships where we always project guilt to other people.

Now is letting life to do what it is doing. Letting go of the future guilt brings you back to presence right now.

Practically speaking, am I open to see it? Open to see where I project guilt?

It is not an openness to fix but to see in a more loving eyes. It is a spiritual misconception where openness is to fix something that is not actually broken. Genuine spiritual practice has nothing to do about changing. It is bringing you in alignment for what is true, which is seeing the truth as it is. Truth doesn’t interrupt quietness.

There is a great power in that space of not doing. That will be the topic for next week. Just to be still without a sense of obligation. Just be still and let things be. In the capacity to just be still, things will begin to figure themselves out. Things will be clear when they are supposed to be. In our business, things seems to tend to get in the way.

Inside there is a desire to just be still. That is the truth. The sincerity that says all is well. The fear loses the magic. Fear is believing you can’t be who you are. These are fun times to ask, “What am I to serve? To Devote to? Is it the future or the miracle to aliveness, to reality, to now?”

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