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CMSM | Infinite Worlds of Worry
Cascais Meditation & Spiritual ...

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PLEASE NOTE, the below text is an unedited automatic transcript of the session. There are undoubtedly an enormous amount of grammatical and format errors.

Welcome to Cascais meditation and spiritual musings. The title for this week is infinite worlds of worry and opportunity to explore the adorable innocence of the mind's determination to find something to worry about. And so we'll have an opportunity to explore that and bring a good amount of compassion to the minds and insanity and overall just relax. We'll start with a 10 or 15 minute guided meditation. And from there we will share some insight and wisdom. So let's just relax.


This meditation is going to extend an invitation to let go of worry

and as we rest here in this space, we're going to acknowledge the most simple of things.

we're going to invite ourselves into presence.

and the doorway to such a relaxation is to acknowledge the movement of the mind and yet also acknowledged what's actually happening. And in this we can come on to what's real

we can honor the breath that breathe

in every moment you notice the mind wander. It's simply an opportunity to come back to this moment. A gentle acknowledgement of, Oh yeah, here I am.

we can make contact with a sincerity within ourselves that can ask, is there anything to worry about right now?

yeah, sure. The mind can imagine many things tomorrow.

the mind can try and bring yesterday into today

but yet in looking at what's real

maybe we can recognize that right now there's no need Tori

and so even if it is just for this moment

we can gift ourselves a space that is free of worry. We can finally breathe.

please see that this was a gift that you give to yourself.

permission to be present.

permission to be still

permission to not know

let's recognize that this moment needs nothing

everything that this might need

is already given.

Even the breath needs nothing as the breath is already given

In order for you to be here right now, nothing is needed in this. We can recognize the alignness of what you are, the truth of, what you are as abundantly taken care of right now. And of course this has been the truth your entire life, the realness of what you are taking care of. And we can see very clearly that that arrest in this moment right now where you are is whole.

It's complete,

not missing anything.

to such degree we can look back on our lives and see that there was never anything to worry about.

you've always been taken care of

in order for you to be here right now, you have gotten everything you needed.

this invites us to connect with a trust

the trust in that which has provided a trust in that which has carried you through

a trust in life itself.

and as an energy of worry might look into the future, we can recognize that this worry simply projects limitation, afraid that something might go wrong.

and in this moment we can acknowledge the truth of the matter and that is if there's worry, we're just scared.

in the most adorable way. We are scared that life might stop being a miracle. That is super cute.

notice the adorable quality of this worry, a worry that imagined you might be separate from life

and in this space we can extend a love, a kindness, compassion for that fear

the fear that imagined yourself to be separate, that imagines yourself to be disconnected from this miracle and we can see throughout our whole lives it's always been an innocent misunderstanding. Ultimately to find out there is nothing to worry about

until we can relax

which is not to push away worry, but the whole space for it. Knowing that it's just a misunderstanding about what's real

you can see that if we push away the worry, we're simply worried about or worry

no need to fear the fear

we can acknowledge its presence and say yes, we've been here many, many times before

and quite obviously this is yet another opportunity to trust Life


The disclaimer today is a reminder that this is not an opportunity to judge ourselves. It is an opportunity to see the adorable nature of being human and opportunity to observe our humanness and allow it to point us to something more true.


And this is something that I noticed as I just finished the retreat and in Sweden how so easy it is to hear these things into assume you're doing something wrong like talking about worry. You can see it's insanity that it's not necessary. Then we start worrying about or worry which only compounds the issue and makes it worse. And I liked this part in the meditation where we said that we don't need to push away the worry, we don't need to try and get rid of it. We can really just hold space for it and acknowledge its presence.

There's a great gentleness to this to allowing oneself to be as they are to hold space for whatever is moving inside of you. You can notice this that any movement that tries to get rid of worry to push it away is like a worry about worry. And I always like to look at these things as it pertains to relationship. And you can see the play of a child who might be worrying and they go to their mother and you can see the mother doesn't say, get away from me with your worry. The mother says, Oh, come here. It's okay. Everything's fine. And this is the great opportunity in our own lives with the relationship with ourselves is to extend a love to that which might be scared inside of us. The title of this session is infinite worlds of worry and I playfully hope to expose the unending potential for worry and somehow to see that it's all the same worry in such a way that you can be sitting in your house and you can find a hundred things to worry about in your house. Looking around at cracks in the walls, wondering about paying bills to keep the lights on,

On and on and on. You could go and then you could step outside and look at your neighborhood and find a hundred things to worry about. Are the neighbors doing it right? Will this happen? And then you could look at your country and find a hundred things to worry about than your planet, than your solar system and your galaxy. Just notice that as you're in the present moment, there is the infinite potential to worry

It's unending.

And I invite us to recognize this throughout our lives. And maybe it's as true for you as it is for me. I find that I've never actually figured out my worry. The things I worried about, I never actually figured them out. If anything, I just exhausted myself into a space of surrender

Only to look back and realize, Oh, I didn't have to worry.

And it points to a profound recognition about the nature of what you are worried about

and I think it helps here to get profoundly honest because the mind can create so many stories about what we might be worried about.

And as I look through my past experience throughout my life and I ask myself, okay, what was this about? What was I so worried about? And the discovery that I come to is that I was worried that I wouldn't make it to this moment right now. I wouldn't make it to this moment and be whole and complete and to rest in this stillness and to get profoundly clear about what's real and what's true and to see my inherent wholeness to see that I'm not missing anything. I can see that there wasn't a need to worry

and in this I recognized that throughout that journey, throughout the play of worrying, nothing has ever gone how I thought it was going to go. It's quite amazing to see that life has moved in its spontaneous nature, bringing to me opportunities and experiences to learn and grow, to love, to expand, and it's beautiful to see that that was all beyond my own doing. It wasn't up to me and to recognize that there's a miracle of life that's unfolding and to see that it has never gone how I thought it should go, how I wanted it to go, but yet it has gone in such a way that exposed a deeper discovery in so many ways. Life continues to show me the real prize

and in recognizing that life isn't ever going to go. How I think it should go, I can stop trying to make it go a certain way.

This is the invitation to give yourself back to life

and as we've explored many times in these sessions that in some way or another life is or spirituality is inviting us to see the nature of what you really are while letting go of the illusion of what you are, to see your inherent wholeness, to see your connectedness with all things, to see the divinity of your nature

all of which is seen as we release the illusions of ourselves, who we think we are, who we want others to think we are images of ourselves to be captured in the future. As all of these things melt away, we make contact with something that's actually real actually alive. And the funny thing about this is as I examined my worry from yesterday and beyond, the worry only pertains to who I think I am. Maintaining some image of a character

and naturally as one sees more and more the illusionary nature of this character, we believe ourselves to be quite naturally. You see, there's less and less to worry about

in this. The only thing I was ever worried about is that I might lose who I think I am.

You know, and it might be an extreme space of discovery, but I noticed inside of myself this profound openness to just see what happened.


Rather than worrying if it's going to go this way or that way, which is all wrapped around who I think I am. There's this natural curiosity that gives life back to line and says, let's see. Well, let's see what life wants to do

in in this relaxation, in this space of peace, this openness that invites life to be live very, very gently. I invite you to recognize the violence in what might be worry

we can notice the agitation of being worried, the frustration of being worried, the pain of being worried and notice that in that space, in that pain, there's something inside of ourselves that wants to move in a violent way, wants to withhold freedom from others. Wants to tell life, don't be alive. Be what I want.

This violence starts placing all sorts of demands online on others, on yourself.

We can see the stressful nature of this worry.


Almost as if the stressful nature of worry doesn't allow yourself to breathe freely.

The stressful worry says you can't be present.

The stressful worry says there might be something wrong with you.

The stressful worry is trying to be gone.

I don't know about you, but I, I recognize a profound invitation to,


let go of the worry,

my goodness,

to acknowledge that maybe life knows what it's doing.


and in this, I invite you to see that throughout your life you're profound moments of breakthrough. You're profound moments of discovery that have opened you up to a profound love

have all been birthed through your expressions of worry. There is this fear that thought life didn't know what it was doing and we resisted. We ran away. We pushed away. We fought against the flow only to ultimately realize and look back and say, Oh okay now I see

and I just invite you to remember back in how convinced the mind was that life was going wrong.

How convinced we were up the minds argument of the mind's belief in something to worry about and I find this fascinating, the mind's capacity to believe its content, to believe the idea that we know something that we don't really know

and you can see that in a way this is what gives birth to worry is you try and convince yourself that you know something that you don't really know.

and this goes into something that I'm sure we've spoken about many times, but the idea that we are worried if something's going to be positive or negative, we're worried if something's going to be good or bad as if there was such a thing.

And just just notice this as it relates to watching the play of ego. Notice how everything we might think we want to happen in the future. How in a way we want it for our ego XL, we want it so that we can hold on to something. We want that so that we can not see what we're afraid of.

We might call those things positive

I think that's super fascinating.

When in reality, those things that we might have pushed away are called negative, had given birth to some of the laws, positive discoveries inside of ourselves.

And we can look back and see that, Oh, what I thought was negative wasn't actually negative and likewise what I thought I wanted, what I thought was positive didn't turn out to be positive.

In this as a profound realization that I don't really know

you can see that this was like a given your life back to life.

Trusting yourself to life

and if anything, that's the ultimate invitation of spirituality is to come back to the present moment and be and the only way can truly be present

to truly be is to let go of what's not here,

which is what may or may not come, how things might or might not go. This is the real liberation. The liberation is found in your ability to allow things to be what they are. The liberation is in your ability to be present. this year we'll watch life continue to unfold and recognize a joyful comedy that sees life, knows exactly what it's doing. Life has been doing this for some time now. It's got it figured out.


In recognizing the infinite opportunity to worry, I invite you to see that there really isn't anything to worry about. You are free to worry. You're allowed to worry, but how's it going? Notice that it only wrongs you up the present moment. It only gives birth to some form of violence. It only makes it impossible for love to flow.

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