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CMSM – The Dream of Being Human
Cascais Meditation & Spiritual ...

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Podcast Show Notes
Focus: See Beyond the Dream of Being Human.

Summary: Need something to encourage you? To allow yourself to release your anxieties? To give you a moment to step back and simply free your mind? This meditation invites you to let go of what’s holding you back – the projections of your mind, the illusions you believe and the noises that disturb you. Thoughts encapsulate the mind, making you forget what is real – that nothing is happening. So, in this episode, you are invited to gently let go. Allow yourself to return to a blank canvass where thoughts are only temporary strokes, they can’t mar the canvass permanently.  Return to the moment and gift yourself the recognition that there is nothing to worry, fear or feel inadequate about. Recognize, that all is well. Release judgement and acknowledge what is natural. Allow this meditative exploration to guide you home and remind of one of life’s most precious designs – you.  

Format: silence, guided meditation, insights about the topic, dialogue and answer questions,

Take these moments to allow ourselves to connect with right now.

(Moment of silence)
To ground in with the presence of this moment, let us extend an allowing for all that is, to be all that is. 

Take in sensations, movement of thought and feelings.

The great letting go is laying down movement to control, surrendering these is recognizing our breath.

Recognize there is a breath. Beyond effort, breath moves. It is done and given to you to prove your being. Breath is a manifestation of something rising and falling. The inhale and exhale. It is not our doing that does it, not ours to control, so we just let go.

Surrender to the silence from all the noise. Recognize that something in you, all is well. Even if your mind wonders, recognize that all is well.

Within you is a capacity of awareness.

Awareness is awakeness coming before everything. Awakeness is to a dream that is projected. Silence is to a sound formed. Stillness is to a world trapped in a reality not truly there.

Meditation is an invitation to come home to this awakeness, this space before all things.

It is an invitation to gently let go of what is not.

It is to connect with your inner light. It so bright with no distinct color and form. It allows all color resembling a blank canvass. It is a wellness that washes all color. It is a blank canvass for any painting and colors.

Painting is a projection on the canvass but it is not a permanent display and the canvass is also untouched by projection. Whatever dreams you have, it doesn’t touch the canvass. You can return to stillness. It is the great space of rest to remember what is true.

Let dream be the dream.

Come home and connect to the source of all, untouched by dream.

End of guided meditation
Start of.. the ramble / spiritual musings

Let’s explore the nature of dream in the spiritual context. We have moments of peace and then the mind is captured by a thought pattern. It is important to recognize the capacity of the mind to mistake its content. Nothing is happening. What is real? Return to this moment. Presence of now is a vast landscape of emptiness. Be more intimate in now, recognize that there is nothing to fear, all is well. Now you have everything, nothing is amiss. Dream state of being human is problematic when captured by mind’s movement. Thoughts project away from now. They are not actually here.

How many times while dreaming you thought it was real? How convinced were you in it? Dream state while sleeping is a reflection of the dream state of you as awake in the spiritual context. Realness of you is still there when you are sleeping. While dreaming it doesn’t touch what is there. Similar to being awake, while dreaming that time, realness is untouched by your dreams while awake. In this moment, none matters. Nothing touches your realness now. Spiritual waking up – see what’s real, what’s true. All is well like when we were dreaming in sleep.

Connect to what’s real- wake up. It is not to not dream anymore but understand what’s happening. Dreams are form of exploration. When you realize dream is not real, we allow to dream. No judgment in dream and it can become playful then.

Put in appropriate place, allowing playfulness. When we recognize it is not real, it is an illusion, then everything becomes hilarious, less serious, eventually it is not serious at all. Seriousness is a point system in the future that something is lost. Dilemma for human being is believing what is not like worry. Examine worry and you will see now that you are untouched, you are well, you are taken care off. You will see there is nothing to worry about. Worry was a dream. Play of worry is a stressful of experience of being human being– you can’t be the qualities you crave – love, grateful, kind, joyful. Healing is to see what is true, is the remedy to this.

Seeing what is true is seeing there is nothing to worry about and the qualities you crave become natural to you. They become automatic to you. There is no trying at all. Ability to discern dream and what is real is the greatest skillset and tool in human experience. It stems from your being. It is openness to see. Is there a willingness, openness? Let go of the dream, everything to see real. When you want something in a dream, your wanting makes it real. Wanting doesn’t make it a dream because then, you can’t have it. What is difficult to discern is we want what we want. Thus, the invitation to spirituality.

Traditional Human experience is wanting.

Spirituality – wants are not real. When you see deeply, there is nothing to chase, you become present. Anxiety is noise in the mind, a dream. Imagined in existence. Made real by belief in the thought.

Play of human dilemma is wound of inadequacy, not being enough. Inadequacy is a wound. Examining the problem is pointing that I am not enough and I fear it. Anxiety is rooted in the idea that you are not enough. You are trying but you can’t do it, you don’t know what to do, how to get it, what is necessary to get it. These make it difficult to enjoy present. All these come back to, “I think I am not enough”.

Disturbance of inadequacy is everyone’s dilemma. In their core is the belief they are not enough and unlovable. Seeing truth of the matter means it is not true. As human beings, imagine inadequacy as chasing the opposite, what is enough. “If only I have this, I can be enough”, and you chases that. Do you remember how afraid you were of getting it that you were not able to enjoy it? If I can have this, get this, I could relax. No matter what you accumulate, it adds to the fuel of inadequacy. It just inadequacy.

When you see you are not enough, you want to be enough. Is it real or a dream? It is impossible to chase this. We can’t even fix a dream. To see we are bad, we fear becoming it.

If there is no judgement, you are inclined to be nice. There is no fear, no violence inside of you. Being violent is violence to self. You want to fix what is bad inside of you by controlling the outside thru being violent. Fixing violence thru violence. You want to fix the world by controlling others. Just let go.

Doing this makes you control the others. “You stop being you so I can relax”. That’s judgement. It is all a dream.

Q: What does it say in a relationship when they say you are not enough? When other people say that and how to approach that?

Fundamental misunderstanding, what makes it difficult, is the belief of experiencing someone outside of you. This is false. No matter what they tell you, you are the one who gives meaning to it. What you experience is your interpretation. You experience how you see it which a projection, a dream. The dream is the belief what is projected is happening. “Someone said this to me”, you are saying it to you. It is just noise. Experience shows you how you see you. When there is no belief of not being enough, then it doesn’t matter, whether other people say it to you or you think about it to yourself.

Even if other people say that you are not enough, maybe it is not what’s happening.

Experience is a catalyst for awakening. Everything is a teacher. So, everything is pointing inward, showing me something. Openness to receive. No resistance. No wanting for people to say you are enough. No getting away from what somebody might say. It is becoming more open to interaction.

Healings are birth thru recognition of truth. Openness to see true is to see insight. Eureka moments. In present openness, there are light moments of recognition. Willingness to see makes all the difference. Enjoy the unfolding. Healing is the liberation, never taking form what mind wants.

Listening now means you are lovingly open to life. By grace, you are lead to this opening. It was given to you. It is a permission to relax. It wasn’t your doing, it was given to you. Thinking you are doing it is a projection of a dream character.

Inadequacy in dealing other people – seeing inadequacy, is a healing. It is an extension of love like when a child makes a mistake and goes to you about it. You think it is cute and tell the child that is not problem at all. That is an extension of love. Just like the child’s inadequacy are the feelings of being rejected by others. Celebrate in this truth and love is extended. But we are conditioned to avoid those. Avoidance is closing down to life, not being liberated and we learn nothing. The movement of closing down as an assumption is up to you. But seeing it’s not up to you, you become more open about it. It shows how much you are holding on to the dream. Getting something from others is withholding love, you are withholding them love.

Root of inadequacy is doing something what is not for you to do. Trying to get acceptance from something that can’t give you acceptance. Pain of inadequacy is being still in the moment. To inquire about it is permitting to let it go.

Beauty of pain – to be disturbed is buying into a dream.

Many ways to play in a dream. Playing in the dream gives experiences of joy and allowing life to flow.

  • There is nothing wrong with the playing of dream, of forgetting.
  • Hindrance is judgment of the process.
  • Release the judgement and acknowledge the naturalness of what’s happening.

What a beautiful design.

End of session.

Remembered Harmony

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