003PDE Released into Freedom

There is nothing so solid to know about you; other than to know there is a shared breath between us and a single melody that beats both our hearts. 

002PDE A Child Within Us

Your care, presence, and patience will pay off in the recognition of this child’s wholeness; which, will finally allow you to rest peacefully as you are. 

001PDE A Fool Becoming Wise

Wisdom is the ability to discern the difference between what we think we see and what is actually there. The wise one responds to what IS and the proverbial fool responds to what they think they see.

064DE Sincerity – Poetry Series

So tightly wound am I
as I try and be something I am not;
I shift my weight, stand up straight,
pretending to be the someone
I think you want me to be.

060DE Relationship Depth – 1 Min Series w/bonus

What is it that contributes to a magical connection with another human being?  It’s a depth of intimacy, vulnerability; and what is that… a willingness to be honest. **With Bonus “You Can’t Go Wrong.”