ILC Podcast

A growing collection of spiritually-minded and heart-centered audio and video.

Audio Bonuses

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Podcast Details

The ILC Podcast contains multiple types of audio journeys.  

New Episodes Sunday

The Conscious Life Design Podcast (CLDP) is a more traditional type of podcast where Tiger talks to the listener. Often, he records these episodes while out taking a walk (looking like a crazy person). 

He speaks to topics that exposes the inherent design of life to constantly be pointing us toward what we crave most; more love, compassion, and freedom.

New Episodes Wednesday

The Presence For Life Podcast Series (PFL) is a collection of Live Event Recordings (LV) and Guided Mediations (GM).  As with all the audio, this too  points toward connecting with more love, compassion, and freedom.  

The opportunity is to recognize the greatest gift you could possibly give yourself, and that is permission to be present.