Spiritual Development
& Creative Services

for the open-hearted
life enthusiast

Spiritual Development & Creative Services

for the open-hearted life enthusiast

Podcast exploring presence, meditation, and spiritual wisdom in everyday life.

Presence for Life

What's the greatest gift you can give yourself? Presence. All of Life's greatest gifts, everything we truly crave, exists as a present 🎁 for all... waiting to be unwrapped in the present moment.

Tiger Singleton, Chris Hingel, and Lisa Horgan, get together weekly to explore the magic of life, and tap into our inherent super-power of self-awareness; combined with a devotion toward spiritual truths and presence.  

Tiger Singleton

Tiger Singleton

The founder of InLight Connect, Tiger has played the imaginary role 🤣 of spiritual teacher for over a decade. His greatest love is for the unhidden depth of our connection with all that is. His background also includes years as a business owner, entrepreneur, and a handful of years working in the radio broadcasting industry.

Chris Hingel

Chris Hingel

Chingel wears many hats - artist, designer, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, life enthusiast & truth seeker. Originally from New York, Chris has spent many years traveling around the world teaching yoga and exploring spirituality. He enjoys deep diving in fun conversations that question our perceptions of reality and understanding of life.

Lisa Horgan

Lisa Horgan

Lisa A yoga teacher and wellness entrepreneur, Lisa embraces the idea of practical spirituality, inspiring people to live life in a holistic way, nurturing the mind, body & soul. Always asking the question “how can I apply this to my everyday life in a way that’s useful?”
Through social media management Lisa encourages businesses and individuals to express themselves authentically, creating genuine connection.

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