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1. For the simple opportunity of celebrating and enjoying what is true about Life, while playfully being guided to look inward.

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I’ve listened to many of your talks and meditations the last few days and each one I just keep giggling. So silly. So playful. So fun! So loving! So true! Thank you, Tiger 🥰

Content Feedback

Dude, your work is amazing. Your voice, your words, your message, true magic. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏 ~Hosein

Your insight and wisdom is such a gift, the gift of freedom. I love your perspective and the elegant way you put it all together and share it with the world ❤🙏 Thank you!! ~Sarah-Jane

Thank you for helping me see through the illusion of everything that is not here right and now🙏🏻 Thanks to the way you point it out it is so clear, I love you💝 ~Ellen

Wow. Mind = blown (in a good way!). Love listening to your philosophical insights. ♥️♥️♥️ ~Tanya

I listen to one of your meditations every day. Thank you for the medicine you are bringing to the world.🙏🏻💖 - Charemon

If you aren't into woo-woo or Chakras or affirmations or angels or crystals... and want to get to a realigning of yourself and the "truth" in silence... Tiger's recordings point the way. ~Michael

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Healing Through Grace

Video/Audio/Ebook - 2 hours opportunity to recognize a healing that's already unfolding, which invites relaxation and surrender.  In this recognition, we can see that healing is not something we "do," rather it's something we allow. 

Tiger, I can’t stop listening to this, Your phenomenal brain thinks of everything!  Amazing music as well!

TASPS - The Absolute Simplicity & Power of Spirituality - Course Cover

A Beautiful 4 Part Audio Series & Ebook journey that invites simplicity to your spiritual journey. Let's look beyond the common noise and remember what this 'being human' thing is all about. Relax, Remember, Enjoy.

Accepting All That Is & Being at Peace product cover

An intimate exploration into the nature of acceptance and truly being at peace. This gentle exploration will bring you home to the present moment and heartfully recognize the miracle of simply being alive.

9 Chapter Course Exploration, to dive deeply into a deeper acceptance.

ATR0519 - Awakening Through Relationships Cover 700

A Deep Dive into the nature of all relationships, and how it is that all relationships serve the primary function of... Awakening to the Truth of Life.

We explore the very practical opportunity of understanding all relationship dilemmas, and how it is they all serve a deeper awareness that leads to connecting with a more authentic and true love.

LRLWL Love Remembered; a Life worth living cover

Explore the interwoven nature of Love in all human experiences. Exposing how Life itself is a playground for LOVE to expand within the human being. This 82-minute exploration will bring relaxation and deep appreciation for everything in life, and everything inside yourself.

"The most incredible thought-provoking message leading to Freedom" ~Karen

DE Daily Exploration Course Banner

Well-crafted and inspiring lessons that point you home to the heart of life.  Tiger shares insight from his personal experiences, along with sharing some video and audio clips.  

"joyful jewels of deep insights... Shared to point us in the direction of recognizing our true nature." ~Hira Hosèn


This Video, Audio, and Ebook journey take you home to your most sincere nature of being. As we investigate the question "What Am I?" we recognize it's the only real question we have.

"Absolute 10 stars🌟 thank you, Tiger, that was simply the answer to all questions🙏🏻 When my mind will try to confuse me with questions about who or what I am, this is where I’ll turn for tranquillity and space💝" Ellen, Paradijs, Netherlands

 The Power of Meditation

Exploring the real-life opportunity of meditation; not as a rigid practice or something you "should" do, but rather as an opportunity to simply be present and embrace the authenticity of you. Also! The bonus track, Understanding Pain & Emotions, it's a natural follow-up to what is explored in part 1.

Wow! Wasn’t sure about this one, but I’m happy I listened! Brilliantly done & I thank you! 🙏💕💕💕👏
Joanne, Fort Myers, FL

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