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The Freedom to Be You

March 17, 2020All Day

Gently held in the north of Spain, this 6-day Retreat is an opportunity to discover and connect with a new depth of inner and outer freedom. Designed for the warrior in heart, this will be a sacred space to meet yourself with a renewed courage and allow for the falling away of everything that no longer serves.


HOLLAND - Life, Love and Healing - Weekend

January 25, 2020
Travel Events

This weekend retreat in Enkhuizen Holland is an invitation to explore the essence of your being in a genuine and authentic way. A unique opportunity to enter the new year full of clarity and beautiful insights. We have invited Tiger Singleton, who will come to the Netherlands for a weekend to give this 2-day retreat in Enkhuizen.


Stockholm Weekend; Life, Love, Healing

February 15, 202012:30 am UTC+0
Travel Events

Life, Love, & Healing, a weekend event held in the beautiful city of Stockholm. 2 Days only, a spiritual exploration into the heart of being human with Tiger Singleton. 15 Spots available.

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