inLight Connect - Membership Opportunity
Connect with more love, compassion, and freedom; in a space that welcomes the authenticity of your human journey.

The Member Community Space, is a container for those who recognize the vital importance of present moment living, and looking beyond our fearful conditioning so we can connect with what is real, true, and worthwhile.

In the heart of members, is a devotion that sees clearly that what they deeply crave is held in the heart of what is real and true. Their lives are continually becoming a vehicle for more Love to be seen, felt, and shared.

Because, it's... Beautiful & Important

Live Life - from Love

The member space invites you to honor what is sincere and true for you, and live a life that reflects your heart's deepest resonance.  We support each other in this way, holding space for you to be authentic, while also challenging yourself to do what is both beautiful and important.


A Home for the Heart

Within the community, you'll find an abundance of opportunities to connect with other beautiful hearts and dive into 100's of hours of online courses and content. Additionally, be a part of our regular Zoom meetup session wher Tiger and others share insight, discuss, and explore new opportunities to follow your heart's resonance.

Regular Group Zoom Meetings with Tiger

These sessions are audio recorded and available for later listening. Also, there is a written summary with key takeaways and highlights shared with members.

Exclusive Content Library

Do you enjoy Tiger's content, then you'll love the 100's of hours of content (Video, Audio, Ebooks) exclusively available for inLight Connect Members.

3 Hour Weekend Deep Dives

Free for Members: About once per quarter, Tiger does a 3 hour deep dive on a given subject and goes straight to the heart of the matter. These sessions are video / audio recorded, and transcribed into an ebook. 

Member’s Only Telegram Group

Join the member’s only telegram group to receive messages from Tiger & Team, sharing encouragement, insights, and updates just for members (video, audio, text messages). Also, ask questions, support other members, or silently play along and receiving the goodies.

Retreat & Event Discounts

Want to come to a Retreat or attend an in-person event? Members get huge discounts up to €500 off! AND, members get first dibs on reserving tickets.

Heart-felt Community of Adorably Insane Humans

You’ll discover life-long friends within the inLight Connect Member Community. We, together, are on a journey of embracing our humanness, rather than trying to escape it. Feel supported, get inspired, and live the life you were designed to live.

Content Feedback

Dude, your work is amazing. Your voice, your words, your message, true magic. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏 ~Hosein

Your insight and wisdom is such a gift, the gift of freedom. I love your perspective and the elegant way you put it all together and share it with the world ❤🙏 Thank you!! ~Sarah-Jane

Thank you for helping me see through the illusion of everything that is not here right and now🙏🏻 Thanks to the way you point it out it is so clear, I love you💝 ~Ellen

Wow. Mind = blown (in a good way!). Love listening to your philosophical insights. ♥️♥️♥️ ~Tanya

I listen to one of your meditations every day. Thank you for the medicine you are bringing to the world.🙏🏻💖 - Charemon

If you aren't into woo-woo or Chakras or affirmations or angels or crystals... and want to get to a realigning of yourself and the "truth" in silence... Tiger's recordings point the way. ~Michael

30 Days of Conscious Living

included with membership

30 day conscious journey to
recognize and connect with more
Love, Compassion, and Freedom
With Tiger Singleton

"Tiger's 30 days of conscious living course is so incredibly helpful for the health of the mind and heart. He playfully yet very directly leads me to a place of clear insight, beyond the mind's addiction to worrying about all the problems or fantasies of a more fruitful future...his insight and wisdom leads me again and again to a deep remembering that 'All is Well' right now when I choose to SEE the world with clarity with eyes of Wholeness from deep within. The accessibility of the short 15 minute videos with quotes of insight in each one will benefit me far beyond 30 days."

Alysha Graham Testimonial~Alysha Graham  

30 Day Outline, for
30 Days of Conscious Living

30 Video Series w/Bonus Content

Week 1: To Be Conscious

  • Day 1: Awake to Life
  • Day 2: Beyond the Dream
  • Day 3: The Here & Now
  • Day 4: Truth Beyond the Mind
  • Day 5: Wholeness in All Things
  • Day 6: A Deep Acceptance
  • Day 7: Love’s Resurrection

Week 2: Conscious Relating

  • Day 8: Do I See You?
  • Day 9: A Cosmic Mirror
  • Day 10: The Great Letting Go
  • Day 11: Holding Space
  • Day 12: Courage to be Sincere
  • Day 13: Authentic Connection
  • Day 14: Grow in Love

Week 3: Conscious Creating

  • Day 15: The Real Prize
  • Day 16: A Playful Journey
  • Day 17: Success is Failure
  • Day 18: Heart First
  • Day 19: Trust, Not Hope
  • Day 20: Moving through Fear
  • Day 21: It’s Already Done

Week 4: Conscious Healing

  • Day 22: A Return to Wholeness
  • Day 23: The Truth Sets You Free
  • Day 24: Painful Separation
  • Day 25: Change the Past
  • Day 26: Nowhere to Go, Surrender
  • Day 27: Embrace Your Humanness
  • Day 28: All is Forgiven
Wrap Up: Conscious Living

Day 29: The Miracle of Being Alive
Day 30: Gratitude for All that Is