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Stay focused on the real prize


I’ve listened to many of your talks and meditations the last few days and each one I just keep giggling. So silly. So playful. So fun! So loving! So true! Thank you, Tiger 🥰

Content Feedback

Dude, your work is amazing. Your voice, your words, your message, true magic. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏 ~Hosein

Your insight and wisdom is such a gift, the gift of freedom. I love your perspective and the elegant way you put it all together and share it with the world ❤🙏 Thank you!! ~Sarah-Jane

Thank you for helping me see through the illusion of everything that is not here right and now🙏🏻 Thanks to the way you point it out it is so clear, I love you💝 ~Ellen

Wow. Mind = blown (in a good way!). Love listening to your philosophical insights. ♥️♥️♥️ ~Tanya

I listen to one of your meditations every day. Thank you for the medicine you are bringing to the world.🙏🏻💖 - Charemon

If you aren't into woo-woo or Chakras or affirmations or angels or crystals... and want to get to a realigning of yourself and the "truth" in silence... Tiger's recordings point the way. ~Michael

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Frequently Asked Questions

(almost) Weekly Live Streams?

These are group opportunities to check in, connect, and refocus our hearts and minds. Often, they will include a guided meditation, an insightful talk from Tiger, and an opportunity to engage in some Q&A.  The timing of these sessions will be different each week to accommodate different schedules and time zones.  The session recording will be available shortly after the broadcast.  

Which option is best for me?

Whatever resonates.  

Monthly: If you're on a budget and cannot afford the annual, or you just want to check it out.

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What if I want more Private Sessions?

Choose the All-Access (annual) Pass and you'll have the opportunity/option to add more private sessions at check out.

Payment Options?

The current check-out page for memberships is only set up to securely take debit/credit cards.  If this simply isn't an option for you, please use the contact form below and we can arrange a different method of payment.

Refund Policy?

There's a 14-day automatic refund policy, which can be processed with one click from your account dashboard.  During these 14 days, you will only be able to view content online (no downloads). 


Yes! Often, in our newsletter, there are offers to purchase explorations, courses, and guided meditations.  Members will receive discounts from 50% to 100% on explorations and meditations. Course discounts range from 25% to 50%.  

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