inLight Connect - Membership Opportunity
Connect with more love, compassion, and freedom; in a space that welcomes the authenticity of your human journey.

The Member Community Space, is a container for those who recognize the vital importance of present moment living, and looking beyond our fearful conditioning so we can connect with what is real, true, and worthwhile.

In the heart of members, is a devotion that sees clearly that what they deeply crave is held in the heart of what is real and true. Their lives are continually becoming a vehicle for more Love to be seen, felt, and shared.

 satsang, meditation, conscious livingMember Perks!

✅  FULL Access to ALL Courses & Exclusive Content (200+ hours); a growing library. HUGE VALUE

✅  1 Private Deep Dive Session with Tiger 😲, to explore where you are and where you'd like to be, in your personal and/or professional life!

✅  Regular Monthly Group Coaching with Tiger on Zoom (Access to the recordings)!

✅  Community Support & Discussions | Private Forum & Telegram Group

✅  Massive Retreat Discounts for any Members that attend a multi-day retreat with Tiger.

Satsang, meditation, conscious livingEmotional & Life Benefits!

😊 Feel supported by others in your authentic human journey.

😮‍💨  Resolve inner conflict faster and return to a more loving and self-accepting space. 

🥳 Feel more focused, encouraged, and inspired to face life head-on and heart-first 💜 💪 !

🥰 Enjoy watching your problems transform into opportunities to match your most sincere desires. 

😍 Have your heart repeatedly melt... into the most gentle space of love for yourself, others, and all of Life. 


WHY??? Because, it's... Beautiful & Important

Live Life - from Love

"Being a member gives me the space to delve into Tiger’s explorations on life at my own pace. There’s so much content with a depth that speaks from the heart & resonates deeply. I’m taken on an inward journey that leads to me to LOVE all that is."

- Alison (UK)
ILC Member

The Value & For Who?

(please read carefully 🙏 )

The membership opportunity is for individuals who deeply resonate with Tiger's unique flavor of sharing.

The ideal member has explored hours of his free offerings and desires to... both dive more deeply and directly with Tiger and others, along with feeling a heartful pull to support his creative work efforts that continue to reach more and more people.

The Value

Tiger has a huge library of online courses and other content (Video/Audio/Ebooks). Initially, in an effort to pay the bills, we considered selling these offerings individually.  However, this demanded more administrative hours that took away from creating content and connecting with people. 

To add it all up, to sell things individually, would far exceed $6,000 of courses, content, and coaching value. 

  • 13 Courses (and growing) that total 70+ hours of instruction and exploration. 

  • Along with 50+ meditative deep dive explorations in video/audio/ebook format that explore numerous different topics that pertain to everyday living. 

  • Also worth mentioning, the beautiful value of Group Coaching for members on Zoom about twice per month; this alone probably far exceeds the value of what it costs to be a member.

  • And... so much more.

To Sum it Up... we decided to just give access to everything, for a modest monthly fee that paid annually, with not obligation to renew. 

Why Annually? Because as soon as you become a member, you get immediate access to everything.

  • No worries though, because we also have a risk free 30 day guarantee.  If you find that within 30 days you feel it's just not for you, a quick refund is totally possible. 

Member Feedback

"Having unfettered and unlimited access to a huge library of materials has helped me be in closer and more consistent contact with the Truth. Whereas before I would dip into the materials here and there, a membership allows me to just bathe in their messages whenever I want, making new discoveries and deeper insights so much easier.

This has felt extremely expansive and comforting. And being connected to the sincerity and inquiries of other members via non-pressureful group calls and a chat also gives a sense of togetherness, as well as serving to break down the teacher/student dynamic in a unique, accessible, and profound way."

Kathy (USA)
ILC Member

Membership Options

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Annual Member


$60 per month

1 Private Deep Dive with Tiger (zoom)

200+ hours of courses and content

Member Only Group Coaching

Member Community 

Retreat Discounts

So much more

crazy value 😜

Lifetime Membership


1 time fee

Everything Else, Plus...

2 Additional Sessions with Tiger

No Annual Fees

(this option is for someone who sees the value of Tiger/inLight Connect being a source of profound support during your life journey.  And/or... you really just want to support what we do.)

Content Feedback

Dude, your work is amazing. Your voice, your words, your message, true magic. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏 ~Hosein

Your insight and wisdom is such a gift, the gift of freedom. I love your perspective and the elegant way you put it all together and share it with the world ❤🙏 Thank you!! ~Sarah-Jane

Thank you for helping me see through the illusion of everything that is not here right and now🙏🏻 Thanks to the way you point it out it is so clear, I love you💝 ~Ellen

Wow. Mind = blown (in a good way!). Love listening to your philosophical insights. ♥️♥️♥️ ~Tanya

I listen to one of your meditations every day. Thank you for the medicine you are bringing to the world.🙏🏻💖 - Charemon

If you aren't into woo-woo or Chakras or affirmations or angels or crystals... and want to get to a realigning of yourself and the "truth" in silence... Tiger's recordings point the way. ~Michael


Awesome! We'll be in touch shortly