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Membership/Sponsor Options

Being a member is simply a way of saying “thank you” and helping the sharing do what it does; along with getting exclusive content and support.

Basic Membership

optionally €99 per year
  • Bonus Content
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Plus Membership

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  • WhatsApp Group (messaging)
  • Video/Audio Library
  • Affiliate Program (coming soon)

PRO Membership

optionally €600 per year
  • Everything Else
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  • Monthly MasterMind Group

Member Benefits

  • Bonus Content (basic)

    It changes from time to time, however, it consists of additional resources (written, audio, & video) that is not available to the general public. Or, it's considered to be advanced content that isn't yet shared publicly.

  • Daily Explorations (basic)

    (optional) A continuation of Daily Explorations with added bonuses and community interactions. Ask questions, share insights, get feedback from Tiger and others. Also includes audio bonuses.

  • Access to Live Videos (basic)

    Tiger shares live videos for member's only, anywhere from 1 to 4 times per month. Answerings questions, offering insights and sharing about his own journey. Members also have access to past live videos that are not always available to the general public. Basic Members have access to those live videos and their recordings for at least a week. Plus members can access the library.

  • WhatsApp Group (Plus)

    WhatsApp is a messaging app for mobile and desktop devices. The WhatsApp group receives regular messages from Tiger that include written and audio messages, along with some additional bonus content.

  • Affiliate Program (Plus) [coming soon]

    Optionally, you can choose to refer people to InLight Connect's courses and memberships, and share in the revenue that is created. We share 40% of any money that comes in from your referrals. While sometimes offering one time bigger bonuses. Some exclusions apply.

  • Monthly MasterMind (PRO)

    Once per month, this group gets together on a Sunday (Zoom Meeting) to explore ideas and opportunities that relate to our playful service in today's world. It's an opportunity to expand what is possible for our unique human experience. If you miss the live meeting, you have access to the notes and recording. Additionally, Tiger and others share helpful tools and resources that add value to our business lives.

  • 1 on 1 Support with Tiger (PRO)

    Tiger makes himself available for PRO Members in the way of offering 1 check in phone session per month (30 minutes), and extra attention to email inquiries or Whatsapp Messages. Additionally, get 50% Off any additional 1 on 1 Sessions.

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You can set up payment securely on our site either through debit/credit card. If you only other option is PayPal, you can get in touch with us and we can set up a PayPal option for you.  Bank Transfer payments can only be done for annual payments. 

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