Life is awake, and
consciously designed
to connect you with what
your heart craves most

Discover the Point, Power, &
Opportunity of Being YOU

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It’s not uncommon, nowadays, for someone to realize that their overall wellness, joy, and peace are created from the inside out.

In fact, if the opposite where true then being human would be nothing other than a prison sentence, waiting for someone or something out there to come rescue you.


To the degree that you are confused about this, that everything is created from within, is the degree that you will feel like a prisoner (restricted, disturbed, stressed, anxious, depressed, angry, etc).  

To truly see the depth of your creative power, from within what you are, is to connect with the real opportunity of being alive (focus, inspiration, love, passion, joyful service, etc).  

The 6 Week Course








Beyond any pretense or hype, Tiger gently removes all of your excuses for not falling madly in love with life.

In his unique and playful way, he clarifies the real issue and invites you to embrace the unavoidable truth of what you really are.

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Week 1: The Nature of Your Reality

1. Life & Images
2. This Empty Space
3. Energy & Vibrations

1. Meaning About Meaning
2. What do I Experience? 
3. Why is this Important?

1. What is it to Suffer?
2. Illusions of Desire
3. Feeling Connected

Primary Questions: What is Going On?

THE POINT: Week 1 is offering a deep understanding of how it is our human experience is created from the inside out.

THE POWER: We’ve heard it before that “all is One,” yet, maybe never truly understood what that’s pointing toward. If all is One, then you must be that One.

THE OPPORTUNITY: To truly know that what you are is the source of everything you experience, sets a stage to expose your true potential as a conscious human being.

Recommended time investment: 6 Hours
9 Lessons, 10 Exercises

Week 2: Emotional Intelligence

1. From Darkness to Light
2. Innocence of Violence
3. The Only Story Told

1. Emotion is Vibration
2. The Alarm of Pain
3. The Revelation

1. Source of All Drama
2. Wounds are Opportunities
3. Transformational Healing

Primary Questions: Why Do I Feel?

THE POINT: The emotional experience is one of the most misunderstood aspects of being human. We are conditioned to believe emotions respond to circumstance, which only fills our mind with fear, blame, and guilt.

THE POWER: To truly understand where emotions come from and why they show up, is to align yourself with the inherent guidance of emotion. Connect with their life-force in a way that points you toward what you desire.

THE OPPORTUNITY: No longer do you have to see or experience emotions as an enemy, or waste valuable energy pushing them away.

Recommended time investment: 6 Hours
9 Lessons, 8 Exercises

Week 3: Gift of Being Human

1. Purpose of Everything
2. See, Be, Share
3. Your Intrinsic Value

1. Passion is Creation
2. Why we Withhold
3. Intimacy with Life

1. The Nature of Play
2. 1 Rule, 1 Obstacle, 1 Prize
3. To Fully Be Alive

Primary Questions: Who Am I?

THE POINT: Purpose. To see once and for all, the unchanging purpose of what you are. Beyond all the worldly noise that looks to find an ungraspable story of purpose. This CLD week ends the chase and invites you to know your purpose beyond doubt.

THE POWER: Passion is connected to compassion, and this is the source of real power for the human being. When there is real compassion, there is the power of being undisturbed by the world, so you can focus on being present and available to serve.

THE OPPORTUNITY: Play. Also stated as Freedom. The conscious design of life is a landscape for us to expand, enjoy, and play in whatever way resonates most deeply. To truly see how free you are is to uncover life’s greatest mystery.

Recommended time investment: 7 Hours
9 Lessons, 10 Exercises

Week 4: Opportunity of Relationship

1. Beyond What I Want
2. The End of All Conflict 
3. Impossible Failure

1. The Point of Relationship
2. A Window to Desire
3. Attracting Barriers

1. Letting Go of People.
2. Trust, is Easy.
3. Authenticity is Depth.

Primary Questions: How to connect more deeply?

THE POINT: Relationships are interwoven into the experience of being human. Whether we are in a relationship with other people, ourselves, or in a relationship with concepts like money, there are underlying principles that remain the same.

THE POWER: To understand that relationships serve the function of experiencing yourself more fully, opens up a deeper willingness to engage relationships from a more authentic space. Discover permission to receive everything your past, current, and future relationships are attempting to teach you.

THE OPPORTUNITY: The barrier to deeply authentic connections in all relationships is simply an innocent misunderstanding of a relationship’s purpose.

Recommended time investment: 7 Hours
9 Lessons, 8 Exercises

Week 5: Following the Heart

1. The Heart's Song
2. Listening before Following
3. It's Just a Concept
4. Leading into Destruction

5. Listening... Not Doing
6. It's Not Personal
7. Let Go & Extend Freedom
8. Sincerity of Insincerity

9. Serious & Sincere
10. Permission to Change
11. Relax. Embrace. Allow
12. A Profound Simplicity

Primary Questions: Where Am I Going?

THE POINT: The concept of following the heart is often confused with reaching a future image that ultimately fails. Rather, following the heart is an inward journey of deeply listening to what is true within you.

THE POWER: As following the heart transforms into a willingness to honor one’s deepest sincerity, we discover a powerful guidance that points you in the direction that ultimately serves your heart’s most authentic desires.

THE OPPORTUNITY: The real gift of following the heart has nothing to do with the future. Rather, it’s a gift that finally gives yourself back to yourself. You discover a space where you no longer have to doubt your path, you can simply trust whatever is deeply sincere and in alignment with your heart’s resonance.

Recommended time investment: 7 Hours
12 Lessons, 10 Exercises

Week 6: Define, Embody, Engage

  • 1. Connect with what is Real

  • 2. Connect with Emotional Intelligence

  • 3. Connect with the Gift of Being Human

  • 4. Connect with the Opportunity of Relationship

  • 5. Connect with Following Your Heart

  • Includes 5 Exclusive Guided Meditations

Primary Questions: What Did I Discover?

THE POINT: Clarify and define for yourself what has become profoundly clear, and solidify this understanding at the core of what you are.  See it deeply, honor it, and embrace the deepest truths of what it shows you.   

THE POWER: Recognize all the ways these discoveries have been embodied in your human experience during the time of taking the course. See the effortless nature of how Life is clearly in support of you connecting with more love, compassion, and freedom.

THE OPPORTUNITY: Establish how and where you are open for these insights to continue to unfold in your life.  Make space on the inside for a journey of constant expansion and position yourself to align more deeply with Life’s Conscious Design.

Recommended time investment: 8 Hours
5 Lessons, 35 Exercises

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