A Poetic Life of Beauty

an Online Concert with Jeska and Tiger, that
brings together music, poetry, and meditative silence
in a way that opens your heart to the Poetry of Life.

Sunday, May 8th

7pm (Lisbon/London)
2pm (New York)

This Event Has Passed

Tiger and Jeska online concern

You're invited to take a soulful rest and allow your heart to be melted.

Jeska Onderwater and Tiger Singleton will guide you on a journey that re-connects you with the beauty of Life, inviting a sacred trust in the miracle you're swimming in.

Come home to the present moment, release the mind's adorable confusions, and see the beautiful poetry of all that is.

Jeska Onderwater is a singer/songwriter who's passionate using her voice and music to invite you into a sacred space of remembering what is real and true, so you can connect with your heart and feel more love, compassion, and freedom. 

Tiger Singleton is a poet who shares wisdom and insight that invites you to look beyond the mind's noise and connect with your most sincere and loving nature. He is also the founder of inLight Connect, a company devoted to pointing you home to the heart. 

Together, Jeska and Tiger have a unique ability to create a sacred space that lifts the veil of any suffering and connect you with what your heart craves most. Don't miss out on this one-time (free) event, it will be a tremendous gift for not only your own heart, but also for those you come in contact with.