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Spiritual Development & Creative Services

for the open-hearted life enthusiast

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Week Four: Effortless Life… Get Out of the Way

Conscious Life Design can be said to be… the lived Embodiment of Enlightenment, combined with the Sincere Desire to Consciously Engage the Miracle You already are.

In This Week's Lesson

Part 1: Effort, originates from the concept of force. In this way, when we speak of letting go of effort, we are letting go of a need to force life (or ourselves) to match an image in our mind. This effort of force arises from an identity that sees itself as separate from an already happening flow.

  1. Power vs Force
    • To embody this power I speak of, we must be willing to test it, trust it, and move as though it0 is already done. What are we trusting? The truth you know in your heart, the unquestioned resonance of that which feels profound, enlightening, and empowering.
  2. Getting In Touch with Your Power
    • The totality of what you are only exists right now. Everything that is in this life is here within you in this moment. To move from this space of knowing, is to be connected to everything that was, is, and every will be.

Part 2:

Non Effort, is simply the absence of anxious movements that cling to future outcome, with a simultaneous internal allowing for everything to be as it is. First, we recognize the anxious movements that arise, and simply acknowledge the truth that we are feeling afraid, insecure, and with doubt about our future. There isn’t any need to hide from this, which is pretty common for the human being. Again, part of the process of tapping into our power, is being sincere about what moves within us. In this, we aren’t turning away from the lesson. Secondly, we recognize what is really, truly, and presently happening. We get clear about the reality of now, and distinguish the difference between this true moment and the movie playing out in our mind about a person who’s separate from life. Remember, the emotional experience isn’t in response to the life condition, it is in response to the story being believed in that sees your imagined self as real.

Part 1

Listen to the Guided Meditation as often as you can this week. Feel deeply the truth that all your power exists in this moment.

Part 2

Spend 10 minutes every day going back over your new perspectives of the perceived problems
that are now opportunities for you to recognize the truth.