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Spiritual Development & Creative Services

for the open-hearted life enthusiast

LIFE design

Week Two: Allow the Fulfillment of Desire

Conscious Life Design can be said to be… the lived Embodiment of Enlightenment, combined with the Sincere Desire to Consciously Engage the Miracle You already are.

In This Week's Lesson

Part 1: The Freedom to Desire, is to be in relations
your wellness isn’t determined by outcome.

  1. Our Primary Desire
    • This must be first; this must be the ultimate motivation, to be in the truth of our own
      being. From this space, and only from this space, can we move into our secondary desires
      with ease.
  2. Our Secondary Desires
    • Secondary, to the primary, is simply for the sake of expression. It’s to allow the divinity that
      we are to express itself in the most beautiful of ways… and it’s all beautiful to some degree.
  3. Imagination
    • Imagination is one of your biggest tools of creation and part of the playful landscape we
      currently find ourselves in, is a societal repression of imagination. We have been told or
      convinced that imagination is a distraction, and doesn’t hold any real value to the practical
      living of Life. However, everything that has been created in this physical realm has first
      passed through the tool of imagination. In fact, it’s a requirement.

The Great Allowing, is to see clearly that Life already knows, and is already
moving in a direction that allows for the fulfillment of your hearts most sincere

The Desires that arise within you, are not your own; per se. In the way that it is not solely your
desire and not also Life’s desire. For example… The Flower desires to bloom, but not for her
sake alone. All of Life desires for the flower to bloom, and in this, all of life moves to support
that desire.

Get intimate with this Truth… To Have Gratitude for 1 thing, is to have
gratitude for everything.

Part 1

5 min Meditation Every Day

Recognize what you are grateful for, and see clearly that this ‘thing’ is only
possible because of how everything else is. To be grateful for anything in your
life, is to automatically be grateful for the entirety of your life. This will gently pull
you into complete wholeness.

Part 2

Meditative Teaching: Allowing Life to Unfold, Without Control
Audio Download 17 minutes

Written Assignment:
Write yourself a Permission slip to follow the heart.