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Conscious Life Design


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  • What is Conscious Life Design?
    An online course that will blow your mind, open your heart, and dramatically simplify the point, power, and opportunity of being human. 
  • What is Going on Here?
    A special launch, by donation (limited time), regular course value over €600.  Access for yourself, or gift to a friend;  sliding scale, offers additional benefits.

Topics of Exploration

  • The Nature of Your Reality
  • The Gift of Being Human
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Opportunity of Relationship
  • Following Your Heart; like a boss
  • Define, Embody, Engage
  • Summary
    If you find any enjoyment in Tiger’s sharing, whatsoever, this is a “do-not-miss!” opportunity.

    Throughout this course, you will become an expert in all things “being human,” offering incredible value for yourself and everyone you come in contact with.

The Opportunity

Welcome to Conscious Life Design

A 6-Week Course that launches LIVE, March 1st, 2020.

My name is Tiger Singleton, and I’m inviting my fans, followers, and friends to participate in a transformational (and unique) online experience.

  • What Does Conscious Life Design, Mean? 

“Life itself is awake and purposefully designed, in every detail, to connect you with what your heart desires most.”

  • Hmmm, should I do a course for 30 people at €300 each?  Or… is it possible to do it by donation and still hit the sales target to cover production costs and expenses?

Seems like we all agreed it would be possible. 

People were super supportive, knowing if we all helped out then more people could take the course (more people who couldn’t afford the €300.)

So… here we go. 

The Course

the point, power, and opportunity of being YOU
  • March 1st - April 11th, 2020

    6 Weeks, 42 Days. Live video broadcasts are Sunday and Thursday. Video replays are available the same day.

  • Fear-Shattering Insight & Wisdom

    In the most practical and down to earth way, the course will transform the way you see (Your self, others, and life) and expose a ridiculous amount of gratitude for simply being alive. More love, compassion, and freedom.

  • Join Us Live, Or...

    No worries if you can't make the live video schedule. All broadcasts are recorded for later viewing, and all assignments and course materials will be stored in your online account.

  • Time Investment (Weekly)

    To fully participate in the training: approximately 3 hours of online instruction, 2 hours of life-work assignments, and 1 hour of optional community engagement. In Total, approximately 5 to 7 hours. Optionally though, there will be additional opportunities to further your overall vision.

  • Community Engagement

    There's a power in listening and sharing with others, to see just how much we are all the same in our triumphs and struggles. This course includes optional opportunities to share and listen to other course participants.

Who Is it For?

CONSCIOUS LIFE DESIGN; Is specifically designed for individuals who desire to experience more love, compassion, and freedom, in both their personal and professional lives.
  • MORE LOVE (The Point)

    This translates to more joy, gratitude, and a deepening of understanding for your purpose in all areas of your life. Also, connect more deeply with an intuitive sense that understands why things are the way they are.

  • MORE COM'PASSION (The Power)

    Compassion is the passionate expression of love's understanding. This course exposes your passion for the heart of being human; allowing you to translate that passion into actionable opportunities to BE YOU.

  • MORE FREEDOM (The Opportunity)

    Heart-fully focused and engaged in what truly speaks to your most sincere and authentic nature. To be unhindered by the fearful chaos of the mind, the world, and others. To understand, integrate, and express the playful quality of Life's loving nature.


Here is a summary outline of the course content; what we will be going over during our 6 weeks together.  The course includes an expansive PDF/E-book that is delivered in 7 parts over the 6 week course.  

  • Week 1: The Nature of Your Reality

    (What is really going on?)
    1. You Are Everything
    2. Suffering & Separation
    3. From Darkness to Light

  • Week 2: The Gift of Being Human

    (Who Am I?)
    1. Purpose of What You Are
    2. Your Heart-Centered Passion
    3. The Playful Journey

  • Week 3: Emotional Intelligence

    (Why Do I Feel?)
    1. Relative Scale of Love & Fear
    2. Inherent Guidance of Emotion
    3. Strength of Vulnerability

  • Week 4: Opportunity of Relationship

    (How Can I Connect More Deeply?)
    1. Understanding People
    2. The Cosmic Mirror
    3. More Love, Compassion, Freedom

  • Week 5: Following Your Heart

    (Why Am I Here and Where Am I Going?)
    1. See, Be, Share
    2. The Inevitable Disaster
    3. Adding Genuine Value

  • Week 6: Define, Embody, Engage

    (How Do I Get There?)
    1. The Power of Visualization
    2. Letting Go of Outcome
    3. Courage to Be Open

Benefits of Donating...

Everyone who donates will get access to the live & recorded 6-week course. 
  • People can also donate just to support the cause, and give their access to a friend.
The overall experience will expose more love, more compassion, and more freedom in the lives of those who attend.
Guaranteed, or get your donation back.
  • €25 to €49

    Access to the full 6 week course (live and recorded)

  • €50 to €99

    Full Access, plus 3 extra passes for friends (good for 2 years)

  • €100 to €199

    Full Access, plus behind the scenes of my course creation process

  • €200 and up

    VIP Biz Spot. Private group attention for those who want Conscious Life Design to help them in their business life

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