One Like For: Express Yourself

With the easy access of the Internet, TV and other forms of media, every day we witness new talents springing from different parts of the world and instantly getting famous. It gives us the impression as long as we reach the highest note impossible, create a very out-of-the-box artwork or dance like we can bend every single bone of our bodies, we will be the next Internet sensation. There is nothing wrong to be recognized for what we do best but, to believe that our talents are only worth of popularity and acknowledgment is something to deeply and honestly contemplate about.

If You Hurt; I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You

“I’m sorry, for placing expectations on you to be in a way that’s not sincere. I did so because I was afraid; afraid of not being loved and losing what I hoped for in the future. Please forgive me, I see my own error in how I saw you.”

Love is Focus and Devotion

“I love you if…” Isn’t it a painful way to accept someone’s love when it has a condition or expectation? You can only receive attention, respect and care when you meet the other person’s standard. You might ask, “Do I deserve love only when I reach an expectation?” It is such a lonely and constricting […]

Parenting & The Dream of Being Human

”Let’s touch upon the nature of the dream as it is referred to in a spiritual context. And in this illustration it attempts to bring clarity between these different stages about our humanness. One of in which we are completely blinded by thought, believing things that are impossible, focusing on something not really there. And I draw your attention to this to see the capacity of the mind to be lost in its content.….. ”

Why Inadequacy is Just a Dream

Healing the Wound of Inadequacy, the nature of dreams in a spiritual context is the mind being encapsulated by thoughts

Do you find yourself feeling anxious thinking about your future? Are you regretting the past and worrying about tomorrow? This blog shares a perspective that the thoughts in your mind, especially those generating negative feelings, are just dreams. What does it mean for them to be dreams? Read more to find out.