One Like For: Express Yourself

With the easy access of the Internet, TV and other forms of media, every day we witness new talents springing from different parts of the world and instantly getting famous. It gives us the impression as long as we reach the highest note impossible, create a very out-of-the-box artwork or dance like we can bend every single bone of our bodies, we will be the next Internet sensation. There is nothing wrong to be recognized for what we do best but, to believe that our talents are only worth of popularity and acknowledgment is something to deeply and honestly contemplate about.

The Spiritual Significance of ‘My Life’

Spirituality (and other devotions) is a connection to our core, feelings and innocence. In our exploration, it is a call to simply return to ourselves, accept and love our realness so, we can extend such unbounded love to others too. There is nothing to impose.

It’s Not That… The Storm of Mental Chaos

What we start to realize, in some form or another, is that we really don’t know. We then play mind games with ourselves and begin to cautiously ‘think’ we know, but then we see that our thinking is only avoiding the obvious. We are fucking clueless. This is mental chaos.

What Is A Chaotic Mind

What is a chaotic mind? When the mind becomes chaotic, it’s trying to do one of two things; which is actually the same thing. 1. Trying to avoid rejection of who you are thought to be. 1. Trying to gain acceptance for who you are thought to be. Essentially, the mind is working to solidify its sense […]

You Are That Powerful

Because we as a society have been conditioned to believe other people hold our emotional wellness, we automatically cling to them with expectations that attempt to restrict their freedom of self exploration and expression. We have become convinced that our emotional experience is determined by life conditions (victim), rather than our emotional experience is a […]

I Love You So Much Regardless Of How You Show Up In This World

I Love You So Much Regardless Of How You Show Up In This World In an honest and unoffensive way… I love you so much…I love this experience of loving the social ugliness of others. What I mean is, as a society we tend to celebrate the ‘pretty,’ while ignoring the plain-jane in us all […]

The Greatest Compassion

The greatest compassion I’ve received in my life, is from those who weren’t willing to agree with my state of victimhood. There was an extension of freedom that said… “you can feel that, you can believe that, you can hold on to that, and that’s fine; however, it’s not what you really are.” In my […]