Business & Money is Spiritual; The Spiritual Path of Every Path

While traveling down what I might call a spiritual path, I’ve seen the same challenges arise as when traveling down every other path; most notably, having to face myself. I’ve had to face a truth that kept showing up time and time again. The conclusion I’ve come to, is that Life itself is the ultimately spiritual path; which includes every path traveled, business and money included.

While traveling down what I might call a spiritual path, I’ve seen the same challenges arise as to when traveling down every other path; most notably, having to face myself. I’ve had to face a truth that kept showing up time and time again. The conclusion I’ve come to is that Life itself is the ultimate spiritual path; which includes every path traveled, business and money included.

As I’ve traveled around the past decade sharing my heart in what we might call spiritual circles, I’ve seen all flavors of traditional spirituality. Combined also with being a business owner, and almost forgotten about corporate-employee, I’ve seen many sides of group interactions that come together for some sort of collective and individual visions.

In all cases, there has been pain, joy, failure, and success; fear, love, challenges, and triumph. The pain I’ve experienced in my business life through failing time and time again resonates with the same frequency of the agony of feeling separate from my authentic connection with the truth of life. The distance, vibrating with a heart that feels disconnected from where I’m supposed to be.

The success in my business experiences only reminded me once again that ‘all was well’ and I didn’t really have to worry. The culmination of all spiritual insight and wisdom, according to my interpretation, is that… All Is Incredibly Well, so Love All Accordingly and Let Go of Worry. This lesson has played itself like a record on repeat. Ultimately strengthening my heart and the inherent trust I have in Life.

The Spiritual Path has been confirmed with every step, along every path that showed itself as chosen. I simply could not and can not, escape the reality that no matter where I go, whatever path I end up taking, I will always have to look within myself and see what’s there; and what’s not.

In a very real way, if this is the case, that every step is ultimately a step inward, then it’s all the same path, which means there is no path. Like everything else, we only imagine it to be a path that is not the ultimate path. I can only call it a ‘spiritual path,’ if there is another path I can compare it to that is not deemed the spiritual path. I cannot find this.

In the absence of this, looking for the right (spiritual or otherwise) path, I find my feet firmly planted where I am. Recognizing, I am already where I need to be in order to exercise the final point of what we call the spiritual path. The question is, am I resting in a deep sincerity that’s authentically connected with the truth of life, or am I running away from myself while trying to avoid this truth.

It’s quite funny, as I playfully examine my path-jumping of yesterday, I see that what I was looking for was a way to avoid what I kept bumping into. I kept seeing a deep sincerity within myself that didn’t match the surface expectations that promised social acceptance, wealth, and happiness. For example, in the path of school, I was told that if I just did well, or rather did what I was told, then I would be accepted and my future would be happy, prosperous and bright. Yet, the content of that path didn’t interest me at all.

In my deepest sincerity, I could see more and more the impossibility of grasping a reality where I could rely on other people to approve of me, accept me, and eternally welcome me into their special group. Something within what I am, wanted to fit, to be included, but into what, exactly? Answer: Into the truth of what I am.

You see, comically, I was going about it ass-backward. I was trying to solidify the sincerity within, by trying to change this sincerity so it would match what the external would approve of. I was trying to fit in, through changing the self who wanted to fit. I was being inauthentic to find authenticity. Of course, obviously, this is a complete denial of the sincerity within. This is the epitome of, and the origin of, Rejection; it’s self-rejection.

The Path of WTF, finding the Spiritual

For example, in the numerous jobs I’ve had, relationships, or even my time in the educational system, I’ve always come to a point where I would be forced to ask myself a very important and simple question… “wait, what the f&$% am I doing?”

This was a question of deep sincerity, that was attempting to get my attention; over time, layer by layer, the nonsense unraveled and the saw the absurdity of why I was doing what I was doing. There was a sincerity of being, that didn’t match my external play of being human. I was out of alignment with the resonance of my heart.

Engaged in an activity for the sole purpose of not being rejected, while at the same time, rejecting my sincerity. Again, being inauthentic so I could find the authentic. Working jobs, because I wanted to fit into society. Staying in relationships because I thought it was the ‘right’ thing to do. Going to school and attempting to force myself to learn things I simply wasn’t interested in, because everyone else told me it was required for a secure (approved of) future.

All of this, these paths, I was looking for the truth in the future. An attempt to stabilize who I am, within a social construct that says my inherent nature and resonance doesn’t belong there. Demanding that I change, repress, and ignore the sincerity in my heart if it challenged the status quo.

Always, even in my delay of the discovery, a liberation waited to be seen when I would release my self-bondage and acknowledge my sincerity at the risk of losing the external approval I never really had to begin with. This is the ultimate spiritual path, the path that leads to deeper self-awareness of what is sincere for you, in-spite of what everyone else what’s to be sincere for you.

The Business Path & Spiritual Opportunity

Naturally, I can only speak to my own experience, and what I see from within what I am. In no way does it need to be what you see within what you are. Focus on the principle, rather than turning it into a dogma that pertains to everyone.

What I see in the business world, is a tremendous amount of nonsense. Not in a judgmental way, but in a way where much of the business options simply don’t resonate with what I am. For example… for me to build a business solely for the sake of making money, is nonsense. That doesn’t resonate with my deepest sincerity, and I see lots of business options available simply for the sake of amassing imagined numbers on a computer screen somewhere.

Is it wrong? No. It just doesn’t resonate with what I am, currently. Can it resonate with others? Yes, of course; freely so. You see, that’s simply a path choice, and since every path is a spiritual path, it would lead toward the finality of the point; to see one’s self more clearly. If it resonates, then go, see what’s there for you.

However, this doesn’t mean I’m opposed to making money. It means that if I’m going to make money, I have to ask myself, “wait, what the f&$% am I doing?” It’s just another relationship that points back to the relationship you have with yourself.

See the simplicity in this. If I’m in a relationship with another human being, why? Well, for me, it’s the opportunity to share what I am, to share the Love discovered within, and allow the dance of relationship to bring about even deeper truth of this Love. Exposing a deeper sincerity, while seeing the sincerity that’s restricted because of a fear of losing what is not really there, to begin with.

Your business is the same play of relationship. Presenting the same opportunity as every other path, showing you that all paths are like relationships, where they simply expose the relationship you have with yourself. It’s the cosmic mirror, the real spirituality, that shows you how you dance with the truth within yourself.

Money is Yet Another Spiritual Path

If I’m in a relationship with someone because I need them to prove my worth, value and lovability, I am doomed; simply because it’s impossible. This is another form of denying and rejecting my sincerity through looking to change something on the surface, so I can get to what I want within; authentic connection to the truth of what I am.

If money is used to determine worth, value, and security, then you’ll treat money like you would treat a relationship partner of the same dynamic. You would be possessive, controlling, fearful, and with constant doubt about the future. Which is kind of funny in a way; in the wanting for love and security in the future, you deny those things to yourself at this moment because you fear to lose them tomorrow. You withhold love now, to protect love in the future. If so, how’s that going?

Everyone dances with money, in the way they dance with themselves. If they see themselves as limited, they will see money as limited. In this, the label of ‘money’ is really nothing other than a reflection of how you see yourself. If I show you €100 note, you will see yourself. You will see how you see what you are. No one sees the same thing, we all see according to the uniqueness of how we see.

I enjoy money, because it, like all other manifest forms, amplify the experience we have with what we are. Again, just like any other relationship. If you have unworthiness within yourself, your relationships will amplify that.

Money is just another form or expression of the spiritual truth of what you are. If you withhold it, it’s like holding your breath, it doesn’t feel good. If you withhold love, you start to die inside, as it amplifies the ways you deny yourself love; which is to deny yourself Life itself.

Spiritual Non-Sense About Money

The absurdity about money being separate from the spiritual is just a reflection of how one sees themselves as being separate from spirit. Again, we see a reflection of how we see ourselves.

It’s actually quite perfect if you see yourself immeshed into a social construct that rejects money and spirit. It forces you to get honest about what YOU SEE, rather than staying in the pain of wanting to fit in by forcing yourself to see what others see. This is the spiritual path, every path, pointing you inward to embrace what is sincere for you.

If you see yourself as limited, you will withhold yourself to protect the future. If you see money as limited, you will withhold its play to protect it in the future. Which means, you will judge and condemn how others play with money because you see it as limited. You will extend €100 at the grocery store for bags full of goodies, and feel bummed out because now you have less money in the future. Rather than seeing the obvious abundance in your arms, in the present moment life that’s happening.

I see money like I see smiles or hugs. Can you see the absolute insanity of withholding smiles because you’re afraid you might run out? We do this with Love. We set up conditions and rules that say we can’t extend love, because love is limited; so we must protect our love from future loss. Yet, smiles are in infinite supply. Love, in the present moment, is always available. Abundance is always here.

If you equate abundance with the exchange of paper or digital currency, then you see abundance as limited. If you equate love as being liked by others, then this condition places a restriction on the love that’s available to you. Beyond the condition, all is already here. If I have a condition that say, “in order to smile at you, I have to know you like me,” then forever will I withhold smiles. Without the absurdity of that condition (because it’s impossible) then smiles are infinitely available.

Charging money is the same. It’s a play of energetic exchange. It says… “hey, here is what I’m good at (my value), let’s exchange value, and the value I receive from you amplifies the value I continue to share.” The form or expression of value, is irrelevant, because again… these expressions are simply determined by the one who sees them. Independent of being observed by an observer, they literally mean nothing.

The Spiritual Path of Service & Exchange

What if, the value you offer is wanted by another who does not have the value needed for exchange? If that’s the question, then I have to ask a more sincere follow-up question… What if, the value you want from another, is beyond your current ability to exchange?

Why is it more sincere? Because it looks to something you can actually know, which is your experience. Trying to figure out another’s experience is hiding from your own. In many ways, it’s impossible to know another’s experience, however, the more deeply you see the truth of your own, you will release others fully into theirs.

Seeing that all products and services are spiritual in nature; as are all things. Meaning, they play a role in helping us connect with something inside ourselves. You see this in advertising everywhere… “we have the solution to your problem,” which points you inward to a space of peace, joy, security, and wellness. Even though, ultimately, they all will fail if relied on as the real source of the internal experience.

Remember, these products and services point to something that’s already there. To believe they [products and services] are the source of what you want, is to delude yourself. Just like in any relationship, to feel like your partner is the source of what you desire in yourself, is to move into a possessiveness that fears losing them.

One thing that I would really enjoy, and I joke about this with the ILC team, is having a private jet that would allow us to quickly bounce around the world sharing love and maximizing our time. Imagine if I went to the Jet Seller and said… “hey, I’m doing good spiritual work and trying to connect with myself more deeply, and I feel that having a private jet would contribute greatly to that. Since it’s ‘spiritual in nature’ I think you should give it to me for free.”

They would say something like, “wow, that’s really great that you do this, and desire to connect more deeply to yourself, however, we can’t give it away for free, because then we wouldn’t be able to continue to do what we do. Our business is set up to make money, so our service continues.” With an attitude of lack, I might reply… “Well, can I have half off?” They might respond by saying, “No, our system of service doesn’t work that way, however, maybe there are others who might. For us to offer reliable jets that function properly, efficiently, and safely, it’s important that we pay the people who build them, what they ask for. So to give you a 50% discount, we might have to jeopardize the quality of the product and service, and that’s just not what we’re about.”

Hear me here, the only reason I would be bothered the by the jet seller not giving me a jet for free or for half off, is because I think I need it. Which is to say, my worth and value are determined by having a jet. Which is also to say, I reject my own sincerity and look for approval outside myself. The truth is… I don’t need it. It would just be fun. Quite honestly, if I can’t joyful afford it, then it’s simply not time yet. Period.

The Gift of Desiring Value?

The opportunity in recognizing a desired form of service from another, is to show you what’s in alignment for the present moment. To see your sincerity. If someone desires to go on an 8 Day Retreat with myself and the InLight Connect Team, the point isn’t because you need it. The point would be an opportunity to explore what you’re interested in. The answer isn’t the retreat. The answer, is to see that you’re worthy of what is desired; which again, is to follow your heart resonance. Which may look like attending a retreat if that’s where it leads.

The question and or inquiry becomes… “Ohhh, that sounds like fun, it resonates. How would it be possible for me to go?” This is much different than looking for confirmation about why or how you can’t. Which is looking for evidence of why you’re not enough. Which gets projected outward as blame, saying “They charge too much, they’re greedy, they’re not really spiritual. If they were, they’d give it away for free.” You see how that’s just a reflection of self-rejection.

If you don’t allow yourself to acknowledge the sincerity of the desire, then you won’t move forward into what’s possible. Which means you reject life and its ability to expose its miraculous nature. So many people I’ve sat with on retreat, have told me the same story, which is in some way or another… “I just knew that I wanted to come. Honestly, I didn’t know how it was going to work out, but it just did. I decided I was going to go.”

When I allow myself the playful desire of having a private jet, I ask myself “how is that possible?” The answer is… exchange enough value so that I can exchange the appropriate value with the jet seller. You see, this is incredibly playful. I know I don’t need a jet to do what I love to do. In fact, I don’t need anything to do what I do (beyond what I have in the present moment), which is loving on people. I am already with that capacity, so there is literally no lack in that department. In this, I’m not limited by not having a jet. It’s just fun life play.

As you become more and more convinced, through your direct life experience, seeing that what was once thought to be impossible, showed itself as possible, it opens you up. You begin asking questions that point to solutions. Rather than hiding behind questions that distance you from your sincerity.

Recognize the desired product or service, see that you don’t really need it but you would authentically enjoy it, and then ask yourself… “how is this possible? What can I exchange of value, that helps to exchange the value needed for that joyful experience.” You see, this points you inward to see the value you have within to be shared. That’s the whole point. Your desire points you inward, to see what wants to come out. Exposing a more sincere love that wants to be shared. Rather than clinging to the external as the culprit for not being able to be you.

You, Are Worthy, the Sincerity of what is True about You. I8n the most real way, you’re the only one who denies that. Love you, and cheers… to the beauty you already are.

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