08) A Compassionate Life - Meditate Now

A Compassionate Life - Meditate Now
The invitation is to recognize that Life as a whole is inherently compassionate by nature. The opportunity is to allow Life's compassion to look out from beyond your eyes and touch everything you see. This meditation starts off with about 4 minutes of insight on the subject of Compassion.

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06) Opposition Toward Life, A Sweet Surrender - Meditate Now

Opposition Toward Life, A Sweet Surrender Guided Meditation
This guided meditation will invite you to surrender the fight of opposition, maybe just a little bit. In that surrender, you can see yourself, others, and Life with more clarity; and with that clarity, there will be a natural blooming of more love.

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05) Be Here & Now; Beyond the Thinking Mind - Meditate Now

This guided meditation is an opportunity to honor the reality of life, of this moment. We extend to ourselves a permission to come home. We extend to ourselves a permission to not chase the thinking mind, and simply, effortlessly, connect with the Here & Now.

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04) A Return To Sanity - Meditate Now

Return to Sanity Meditate Now

Audio Version - Guided Meditation

Written Transcript of the guided meditation


The opportunity of this meditation today, first and foremost, is the permission to connect with the present

I'm always fascinated to remember the depth of wellness that's contained within the present moment, and meditation allows us the opportunity to discern the difference between the life we imagine to be happening, and the life that's actually happening.

The title of this guided meditation is "A Return to Sanity…

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2) Let's Just Be Here - Meditate Now

Let's Just Be Here - Guided Meditation
18 minute guided meditation (audio & text) to bring you back to the present moment, and allow for more peace to be seen, felt, and shared. Tiger shares some profound insight and wisdom that reminds you of a wellness already present and available. Relax, enjoy, remember what's really true.

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Love Remembered; A Life Worth Living


Love Remembered... this is such a great exploration into the nature of Love and the opportunity of being human. It was recorded at a small group event in Denmark while streaming live online. Enjoy.  

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Explore the Course Opportunity?

This is part 1 of a 4 part course


Welcome to Satsang.

Satang, for me, is an opportunity to rest in this space of stillness and to allow for, what we might call, an answer to show itself.

This answer that shows itself is to a question that r…

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Welcome to Real Spirituality


This is a full transcript of an event audio recording

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When I look at my own journey in life and investigate what I might call a “spiritual path,” it's fun to reflect and ask, “what has been the point of this spiritual exercise, this spiritual unfolding?”

What I find to be the most profound thing is that my discovery in spirituality is that it has nothing to do with who I think I am, and everything to do with life as a whole. This, very directly, isn't what I was …

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Feelings of Powerlessness About Painful Past Circumstances


This is a Q&A Response from the Course Community for The Conscious Life Design Course

Question: What about present moment feelings of powerlessness about painful past circumstances?

Ya know, there are so many different approaches to dealing with past traumas and how one can address those feelings in the present moment. Everything from punching pillows to past life regressions, to years of commitment to therapy. It all really depends on where one is at on their path, and I can acknowledge tha…

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