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18) How Can I Lead a Team with Love? - Meditate Now

How Can I Lead a Team with Love? Meditate Now
Leadership isn’t about telling people what to do, it’s about truly being able to SEE the people you’re working with. In this guided meditation, Tiger shares profound insight and wisdom that points you back to the real Heart of Leadership.

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17) When People Gossip About You - Meditate Now

When People Gossip About You - Meditate Now
If you’re going to follow your heart in this life, it will inevitably “seem” to irritate other people, and it’s not unlikely that those same people will say unkind or false things about you. This is okay, and with it comes a great opportunity to release them to their journey while you stay true… to you. This meditation serves as a reminder to move in Love and embrace a deeper and more embodied freedom.

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16) Listen, with Love, to the Body's Pain - Meditate Now

Listen, with Love, to the Body's Pain Guided Meditation
So often, we might be tempted to judge and reject any pain that might be showing in the body. This, of course, is only to do the opposite of what the body is asking for. Let's make some space within ourselves for listening, with love, and allow for some real and unconditional healing.

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15) When Life Seems Painfully Meaningless - Meditate Now

When life seems painfully meaningless we have an opportunity to transform pain into a joyful openness that embraces a landscape of infinite possibilities. This meditation will inspire courage to remember why you are here in Life, along with a deeper connection with your heart’s resonance.

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14) Connect with your REAL Power - Meditate Now

This guided meditation invites you to not only connect with your real power but also discern the difference between the world's confusion of power, and the sacred power that rests in the core of what you are. Connect with a sincerity of power that doesn't need to take power from others.

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13) Embodiment of More Love - Meditate Now

How can we invite more Love into our life? Easy, become the love that you crave. This guided meditation is an opportunity to drop the barriers to Love’s flow and realize that within you is an infinite supply of Love; waiting to be seen, embodied, and shared.

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