It's Not The Point for Others To 'Wake Up'


Did it occur to you, that maybe it's not the point for others to 'wake up'?

Maybe... others are right where they are supposed to be, and the simple solution is not trying to wake them up, but rather maybe it's simply to love them as they are, where they are.

This spiritualized fantasy of the world waking up, so you can finally relax, is really a movement that blames others for your inability to relax and be with love. Maybe... not so self awake as you thought.

Maybe... they show up as they …

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Lay Down the Polarity


What happens when you cut off the negative end of a magnet? You double the amount of negative. You now have two magnets, both with negative ends.


Positive and negative go together, you cannot actually get rid of the negative while also ‘wanting’ the positive. Every attempt will ultimately empower what you’re trying to get rid of.

The positive is made possible by the negative and the negative made possible by the positive. The illusion is that they are separate, that they are not th…

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Compassion for the Whole - Polarization of Caring


No, I don't care about this or that. I care about the whole damn thing.

Have you noticed how there might be a tendency to reject those who don't care about what you care about while embracing those who validate your "polarized caring?"

Polarization of Caring

Polarization of Caring is to say that one end of the spectrum is worthy of my love, while the other end should be destroyed. It's like saying one end of a magnet is less valuable than the other end. Or, the wintertime is less worthy of lo…

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