13) Embodiment of More Love - Meditate Now

How can we invite more Love into our life? Easy, become the love that you crave. This guided meditation is an opportunity to drop the barriers to Love’s flow and realize that within you is an infinite supply of Love; waiting to be seen, embodied, and shared.

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12) Forgive Yourself, Please - Meditate Now

12 Forgive Yourself, Please Guided Meditation
In this guided meditation, Tiger invites you to gently forgive yourself by seeing that there isn't really anything to forgive. The withholding of self-forgiveness is an innocent misunderstanding of what really happened; behind the fearful stories we tell.

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See Beyond Your Ego's Filter & Forgive


We see people through a filter, a filter of how we see ourselves. Until the self-filter disappears, we won't actually see our fellow man or even Life itself.

Naturally, this is the spiritual journey, to surrender the self-filter and see what's actually there. To let die who we think we are, to sacrifice our self-idea, to surrender the ego.

In all the social drama that seems to create conflict and an unharmonious world (all varying degrees of war and violence), they are ALL reflective of this e…

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Lay Down the Polarity


What happens when you cut off the negative end of a magnet? You double the amount of negative. You now have two magnets, both with negative ends.


Positive and negative go together, you cannot actually get rid of the negative while also ‘wanting’ the positive. Every attempt will ultimately empower what you’re trying to get rid of.

The positive is made possible by the negative and the negative made possible by the positive. The illusion is that they are separate, that they are not th…

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If You Hurt; I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You


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During the question and answer period of my talk in Finland, a gentleman asked me a sincere question that reminded me of the great challenge I'm faced with in communicating both sides of this message. Ultimately showing, what I'm really wanting to say, is... If you're hurting, I'm sorry. Please forgive me; I love you.

I was speaking on the subject of living with the freedom to be yourself. For all who were in attendance, it was abundantly clear that other people were not h…

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