17) When People Gossip About You - Meditate Now

When People Gossip About You - Meditate Now
If you’re going to follow your heart in this life, it will inevitably “seem” to irritate other people, and it’s not unlikely that those same people will say unkind or false things about you. This is okay, and with it comes a great opportunity to release them to their journey while you stay true… to you. This meditation serves as a reminder to move in Love and embrace a deeper and more embodied freedom.

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Love Remembered; A Life Worth Living


Love Remembered... this is such a great exploration into the nature of Love and the opportunity of being human. It was recorded at a small group event in Denmark while streaming live online. Enjoy.  

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Welcome to Satsang.

Satang, for me, is an opportunity to rest in this space of stillness and to allow for, what we might call, an answer to show itself.

This answer that shows itself is to a question that r…

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The Defense Mirror


I tend to be somewhat cautiously silent when it comes to defending myself. Which I feel has been a natural consequence of seeing the depth of Life’s cosmic mirror.

Said, not as an expectation of what one should or should not do, but said as an invitation to see the power in silence or in non-reaction. Inspired by a recent conversation where another wasn’t seeing or hearing “me,” but rather was seeing their own fear with regards to their own personal journey.

Have you ever noticed this? Sometimes, …

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Wheel of Blamed Sadness & Happiness


In the same way that I can blame someone or something for my sadness, I can blame someone or something for my happiness.

What happens if I blame for my sadness? I violently push the blamed away from me, judging it as less than; ultimately saying, “IF you were different then I would love you.

What happens if I blame for my happiness? I unconsciously disguise violence as love and cling to the blamed, waiting to eventually blame it for my sadness; all in an effort to manipulate it into being my pris…

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Impossible Understanding... Be an Artist


There is a profound discovery in recognizing that no one else really understands you or sees you. At first, it can seem heartbreaking, then it becomes liberating.

Heartbreaking, because the conditioned confusion wants so badly to be seen, to be understood, and it spends an enormous amount of energy trying to be so. In many ways, one's entire life can revolve around seeking to accomplish this end.

Liberating, because you can stop trying, you can stop playing an impossible game and gently allow …

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If You Hurt; I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You


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During the question and answer period of my talk in Finland, a gentleman asked me a sincere question that reminded me of the great challenge I'm faced with in communicating both sides of this message. Ultimately showing, what I'm really wanting to say, is... If you're hurting, I'm sorry. Please forgive me; I love you.

I was speaking on the subject of living with the freedom to be yourself. For all who were in attendance, it was abundantly clear that other people were not h…

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