Getting Focused, So You Can Grow

Getting Focused, So You Can Grow

Here’s a question for you.

  • “What’s the highest value growth journey I can focus on?”

When it comes to personal growth, there are countless areas where you can learn and improve a skill, or gain more knowledge and understanding. However, it's not practical to try and excel in all of them. The key is to focus on the areas that will have the greatest return on investment for the life experience you are playfully building.

If you're going to hit a target, you have to know where or what it is.…

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3 Tiny Shifts = 1 Big Shift

3 Tiny Shifts = 1 Big Shift
There are 3 small shifts that create 1 big shift, and it transforms how I show up in the world. Whether in your Health, Relationships, or Business, these 3 tiny shifts will transform your life from swimming upstream to FLOWING downstream.

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How to Create Your Own Reality: A Playful Exploration

How_Do I Create My Reality

Welcome to this exploration of how we create our own reality. I'm excited to dive into this topic with you and have some fun exploring how we can dance with our own creations.

Victim Mentality 
Victim Mentality

Have you ever felt like you were the victim of life's circumstances? Like you were at the mercy of the world around you? Many of us have experienced this feeling of powerlessness, but what if I told you that it's just an interpretation of our experience, not the reality of our lives?

When we investigat…

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Top 5 BS Excuses Holding You Back

5 BS Excuses Holding You Back

Have you ever wanted to take a risk or try something new, but found yourself stuck in a rut, unable to take action? We’ve all been there. Fear, self-doubt, and other limiting beliefs can hold us back from pursuing our dreams and living the life we truly want.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top five BS excuses that hold us back and how we might overcome them with a little more self-awareness. Let’s do it!

1. Fear of Failure – Excuse
Fear of Failure Excuse
"What if it doesn't work out?"

The point isn't whether it d…

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Getting Out of My Own Way

4 insights to get out of my own way
Here are 4 profound realizations and life discoveries that have helped me "get out of my own way" and connect with a deeper purpose, passion, and playful life experience. Maybe they'll be helpful for you. Shift your life from serious to sincere, and from hard word to joyful play.

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Feelings of Powerlessness About Painful Past Circumstances


This is a Q&A Response from the Course Community for The Conscious Life Design Course

Question: What about present moment feelings of powerlessness about painful past circumstances?

Ya know, there are so many different approaches to dealing with past traumas and how one can address those feelings in the present moment. Everything from punching pillows to past life regressions, to years of commitment to therapy. It all really depends on where one is at on their path, and I can acknowledge tha…

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The Defense Mirror


I tend to be somewhat cautiously silent when it comes to defending myself. Which I feel has been a natural consequence of seeing the depth of Life’s cosmic mirror.

Said, not as an expectation of what one should or should not do, but said as an invitation to see the power in silence or in non-reaction. Inspired by a recent conversation where another wasn’t seeing or hearing “me,” but rather was seeing their own fear with regards to their own personal journey.

Have you ever noticed this? Sometimes, …

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Seeing the Truth of Things; a Heart Melted


Seeing the truth of things, will ultimately and eventually, melt your heart in the most beautiful of ways.

As such, if the heart isn't melted into a celebration of unconditional love, radical forgiveness, and/or unwavering compassion, then my dear... the truth isn't being seen.

This isn't wrong and it doesn't mean you're broken. Rather, it points toward an opportunity that invites a deeper openness, a more raw humility.

The truth of things? It's a truth that definitively answers the question, "What…

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Wheel of Blamed Sadness & Happiness


In the same way that I can blame someone or something for my sadness, I can blame someone or something for my happiness.

What happens if I blame for my sadness? I violently push the blamed away from me, judging it as less than; ultimately saying, “IF you were different then I would love you.

What happens if I blame for my happiness? I unconsciously disguise violence as love and cling to the blamed, waiting to eventually blame it for my sadness; all in an effort to manipulate it into being my pris…

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The Dream of Identification


To understand the dream of identification resolves much if not all, of the confusion around suffering and conflict; personal and collective. Although, to truly understand it, is somewhat of a death sentence for any personal sense of identity.

The dream of identification points to the mind's capacity to build an imaginary sense of identity with worldly forms and mental commentary. This dream of identification is what makes suffering possible, as suffering is directly tied to the fear of loss for…

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