How to Create Your Own Reality: A Playful Exploration

How_Do I Create My Reality

Welcome to this exploration of how we create our own reality. I'm excited to dive into this topic with you and have some fun exploring how we can dance with our own creations.

Victim MentalityĀ 
Victim Mentality

Have you ever felt like you were the victim of life's circumstances? Like you were at the mercy of the world around you? Many of us have experienced this feeling of powerlessness, but what if I told you that it's just an interpretation of our experience, not the reality of our lives?

When we investigate our own experience, we can see that our emotions are responding to our interpretations, not to what's actually happening in the world. This means that we have more power than we think. We can choose to interpret things differently and change our emotional responses accordingly.

Inner World vs. Outer WorldĀ 
Inner World vs. Outer World

Our experience is not dictated by the outside world. We have the freedom to recognize our own freedom, to give the world back to the world. This means that we can stop trying to figure out other people's experiences because we cannot know anyone else's experience. We can only know our own experience.

When we project our own suffering onto others, it's called projected suffering. It's like looking at a blank white screen and projecting a movie onto it. We're creating a world that isn't really there. The only thing that's real is our own experience.

Seeing Our Own ExperienceĀ 
Seeing Our Own Experience

When we recognize that we're creating our own experience, we can start to see opportunities for growth in even the most unpleasant experiences. We've all been through an experience that wasn't pleasant, but that exposed a profound opportunity for growth. We can look at these experiences and see how powerful we are, how much love we have to share with the world.

The way we interpret experiences can be different from how someone else interprets them. We might see an experience as an opportunity for growth, while someone else might see it as a tragedy. This is because what we're really seeing is our own creation, not the experience itself.

The Point of LifeĀ 
The Point of Life

The point of life is to be life. It's not about being successful or not dying or not struggling. It's about being alive and experiencing the world around us. We often have assumptions about what the point of life is, and we create images in our minds that we compare ourselves to. But the point of life is not about those images. It's about being alive and experiencing the world as it is.

There's a dichotomy of order and chaos in the world, and we often try to impose our idea of order onto the chaos around us. But this is not true order. True order is alive, free, spontaneous, and fresh. We must recognize that everything in life is allowed to be what it is, whether we like it or not.

This is ONLY for YouĀ 
This is ONLY for You

Spiritual insight only pertains to oneself. It's not for us to impose on others. We can see how we create our own experience, but we shouldn't try to change other people's experiences. We need to be open and gentle with ourselves, recognizing that this insight is only for us.

When we think that other people are disturbing us, we're actually disturbing ourselves. We need to recognize that nobody else is in our way. We create our own experience, so we're really just seeing our own creation.

Cinema Projector ExampleĀ 
Cinema Projector Example

Think of your experience as a blank canvas waiting for you to create whatever you want to create. You can create failures, successes, enemies, friends, and anything else you can imagine. It's only when we don't see what's really happening that we tend to create scary things.

The cinema projector is a great example of how we create our own experience. When you go to a cinema, you're staring at a blank white screen. Then the projector puts a movie on the screen, but what the projector doesn't realize is that it's actually looking at its own creation. No matter what the projector puts on the screen, it doesn't affect the screen at all. The screen is a space of freedom that allows you to see whatever you want to see.

Awareness and TransformationĀ 
Awareness and Transformation

Transformation happens through awareness. When we become aware of the projections of limitation and lack in our lives, we can start to see that they're not true. Just in that recognition, we open ourselves up to more abundance and opportunity. We start to see things differently, and our experience changes accordingly.

The invitation of spirituality is to be still and know. When we take a moment to question what we think is happening, we become aware of what's really happening. This awareness allows us to relax and have more fun with our creations.

Connection with Others
Connection with Others

Connection with others happens through authenticity. When we try to connect with others by pretending to be someone we're not, we're not really connecting with them at all. We're just connecting with our own projections of who we think we should be. When we're authentic, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open to connection.

When we see that no one sees us, we stop trying to be seen and start seeing ourselves. This allows us to connect with others in a more authentic way, because we're not trying to impress them or get something from them. We're just being ourselves, and that's enough.

Guided MeditationĀ 
Guided Meditation

Let's take a moment to come back to reality and experience our own creations. We're all on a great adventure, discovering something beautiful on the inside of what we are. We have a blank canvas waiting for us to create whatever we want to create.

Let's breathe into this openness and recognize the potential of all the things the mind could think about. We can tell stories of rejection, approval, success, and failure. But none of those stories are true. They're just a way to see.

When we recognize that we're just playing a game with ourselves, we can start to have more fun with our creations. We're not creating anything that's real or true. It's all an illusion, a play for the sake of play.


I hope you've enjoyed this playful exploration of how we create our own reality. Remember, you have more power than you think. You can choose to interpret things differently and change your emotional responses accordingly. You can create whatever you want to create on the blank canvas of your experience. And you can connect with others through authenticity and vulnerability.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you'll continue to explore the depths of your own creations and have more fun with everything you experience.