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Spiritual Development & Creative Services

for the open-hearted life enthusiast

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It’s Not That… The Storm of Mental Chaos

What we start to realize, in some form or another, is that we really don't know. We then play mind games with ourselves and begin to cautiously 'think' we know, but then we see that our thinking is only avoiding the obvious. We are fucking clueless. This is mental chaos.

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Connect authentically, or lose future business

The end result was a play-it-safe mediocre haircut, that in all reality, I could have got anywhere. I was enjoying the experience regardless because I was amazed at the play that was happening. Watching him restrict his joy, because he wanted to “not do a bad job.” He didn’t enjoy himself at all. I gave …

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Remembered Harmony

SWEDEN RETREAT | Oct 10th - 15th A Meditative Satsang experience to expose your inherent connection with all that is. Max attendees, 10 people.

CMSM - Follow Up

Cascais Meditation & Spiritual Musings, is Tiger’s weekly Live Video Broadcast, which then creates created into a podcast episode. The “Follow Up,” is a blog post written by an InLight Connect team member.

One Like For: Express Yourself

September 8, 2019

With the easy access of the Internet, TV and other forms of media, every day …

The Spiritual Significance of ‘My Life’

September 4, 2019

Spirituality (and other devotions) is a connection to our core, feelings and innocence. In our …

Love is Focus and Devotion

July 19, 2019

“I love you if…” Isn’t it a painful way to accept someone’s love when it …

Cascais Meditation & Spiritual Musings

Summary: An opportunity for an open-hearted community to connect and explore their inherit worth, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life.  Broadcasted Live every Wednesday.

CMSM | The Impossible Search for Meaning

The mind is constantly asking, “What does this mean?” It is wise to recognize in whatever search, what we are trying to grasp is meaning about ourselves. We are constantly asking the question, “Who am I?” This episode Tiger Singleton muses on these pointers on The Impossible Search for Meaning: What can the search for meaning …

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CMSM | Self-Expression in Today’s World

For this episode of CMSM, Tiger inspires us to express ourselves in today’s world by allowing the truth of who we are. With guest singer, Jeska Onderwater, we are invited to recognize we are flowing through life to honor the One. We definitely are blessed! The musings of this episode are: * The opportunity of self-expression in …

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CMSM | The Primary Misunderstanding About Spirituality

Tiger Singleton invites us to see what the primary misunderstanding on spirituality is. A common theme of spirituality these days is thinking that our spiritual discovery is about other people which only leads to more judgement. It is also taken as a defense mechanism. So, we are invited to delve into the real meaning of …

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Album Cover ILC Podcast | Presence for Life

Tiger Singleton, Chris Hingel (Chingel), and Lisa Horgan, get together weekly to explore the magic of life, and tap into our inherent super-power of self-awareness; combined with a devotion toward spiritual truths and presence.  

PFL | What Does it Mean?!!!!!

Tiger Singleton and Patrick hold a conversation on humans’ attempt to find their meaning only to get disappointed when the search leads to nowhere. What if there is no such thing as having meaning? What if we don’t need to go on a quest for it? What if life is simply what it is?

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PFL | Express from Wholeness, Be you

In this podcast, Tiger Singleton, Chris Hingle, Lisa Horan and with guest artists, Jeska Onderwater and Hoi inspire us on the value of real self-expression. They share with us the opportunity to look at who we are singing (dancing, painting, writing and so many more) to. What is our service about when we use our …

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PFL | Worry and Religious Nonesense

Tiger, Chingel, and Lisa follow up on the CMSM Session called "Infinite Worlds of Worry" and explore many topics that point back to a fundamental discovery. Ultimately find themselves stumbling upon the most important question, and it's not "what do I want?

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