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It’s Not The Point for Others To ‘Wake Up.’

Did it occur to you, that maybe it’s not the point for others to ‘wake up’? Maybe… others are right where they are supposed to be, and the simple solution is not trying to wake them up, but rather maybe it’s simply to love them as they are, where they are. This spiritualized fantasy of...

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Welcome to Real Spirituality

Have you noticed whatever appearance of progress you've made in your life that has been profoundly meaningful, in some way, it is an expression of a courage to be honest; to be yourself, to be you, and to let go of what other people might think.

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Wheel of Blamed Sadness & Happiness

This wheel of blamed sadness and blamed happiness is what fuels the chaos of human life; both individually and collectively. It is so far removed from the truth of one’s harmonious nature. The issue isn’t so much about blaming for sadness or blaming for happiness, it’s actually the same thing. The issue is blame itself;...

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The Secret To Peace is Knowing I Don’t Know

It's odd, that the secret to peace is knowing I don't know. There's a comedy in watching how every internal agitation is in response to believing I know something I don't really know. Most notably, about what something means.

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Compassion for the Whole – Polarization of Caring

Healing is not figuring out who is to blame, healing is in seeing that no one is to blame and that we all are simply doing the best we can, given the level of confusion we were born into. This healing is forgiveness; a forgiveness that sees the pain of one is the pain of...

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