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It’s Not That… The Storm of Mental Chaos

What we start to realize, in some form or another, is that we really don't know. We then play mind games with ourselves and begin to cautiously 'think' we know, but then we see that our thinking is only avoiding the obvious. We are, quite possibly, absolutely clueless. This is mental chaos.

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Business & Money is Spiritual; The Spiritual Path of Every Path

While traveling down what I might call a spiritual path, I’ve seen the same challenges arise as when traveling down every other path; most notably, having to face myself. I’ve had to face a truth that kept showing up time and time again. The conclusion I’ve come to, is that Life itself is the ultimately...

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In darkness to In Light; the path of authentic self-leadership

The play of light and darkness is a story that precedes all stories. In fact, it’s the foundation that gave birth to every human quest, desire, and expression -known and unknown. The path of discovering authentic self-leadership in life and business is no different, and as we explore the nature of being in darkness and...

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How to really BE free – Total experiential accountability

The pinnacle of Authentic Connection is to be so incredibly connected to what you are, that nothing can phase the absolute freedom you feel within what you are. What is meant by this, is that you feel so free, that you completely and absolutely allow the present moment to be the present moment. Traditionally, we...

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