The Art of Letting Go

[Offered Free; Limited Time] A quick exploration into the nature of… Getting Out of the Way Yours Free Today: A 22-page e-book and the Event Audio Recording Excerpt… Really, the invitation is to look inside of yourself and say “okay what’s really going on here? What’s really going on, because yes, I see in my […]

Q&A w/ Tigmonk – What is Enlightenment?

S: “Why are you enlightened, but yet I feel like I’m not?” T: Because you’re confused about what is. S: “What is Enlightenment?” T: Not that. S: Not that? I asked you a question about Enlightenment. T: What your question is trying to find about enlightenment, is not the answer to what enlightenment is. S: […]

Even If You Hate Me…i Love You

Even if you hate me. I Love You. Why? Because loving you is about letting you be you. If I needed you to be different, then I couldn’t really love you. I wouldn’t be able to see your beauty because my ‘need’ would blind me to your perfection. Full confession; I don’t love you because […]

What Is Love’s Conflict

What is Love’s Conflict? How does Love turn sour? It becomes confused with fear. The impossible task of love, is to please others. The nature of Love, is like the nature of truth. The truth doesn’t move to please other people, the truth moves to serve the truth. It’s Self serving, because truth is all […]

What Is A Chaotic Mind

What is a chaotic mind? When the mind becomes chaotic, it’s trying to do one of two things; which is actually the same thing. 1. Trying to avoid rejection of who you are thought to be. 1. Trying to gain acceptance for who you are thought to be. Essentially, the mind is working to solidify its sense […]

Back and Forth: The Great Oscillation

The great oscillation. Back and Forth, Night and Day, In and Out, Up and Down. Now I see it, now I don’t. I’m so clear, then I’m so confused… The most common question I’m asked, is some form of… “How can I stay awake?” As with all questions, it really is only one question that […]

In The Light Of Spiritual Absurdities

In the light of spiritual absurdities. has the ‘Spiritual’ become a concept of self righteousness; an image of being something that only appears to be free? Yet, internally, a self that feels inadequate among 7 billion others. Or worse yet, a self that feels inflated and looks down on those who do not carry an […]

The Concept Of Emotional Breakdown

The emotional breakdown, can be a spiritual break-open. It is an emptying of the person, to make room for the divine. If you do not run toward trying to solve the inner drama, and remain empty of effort to fix your story, you will be filled with a new and vibrant truth that gives you […]

The Essence Of Truth Play

The Truth Play, is to see that it all happens within what you are. Not some of it, not part of it, but all of it. Everything. If this isn’t seen, then for most the potential of it is an impossibility. The socially conditioned model of reality is that life happens to you, and you […]

I Am In Love

I Am in Love Deeply, profoundly, eternally. There is not a blade of grass which escapes this Love I am in. I am without nothing, for I Love throughout this entire being. Welcome in the knowing, that knows whatever is now as having an equal right to be. Accept fully what is showing, for it […]