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7 Full Courses

  • Remembered Harmony Course
    96 Short Video Lessons to see beyond the veil of separation.
  • Conscious Life Design Course Series.
    6 Courses to Expose Life's Conscious Design.
    • The Nature of Your Reality
    • Emotional Intelligence & Guidance
    • The Gift of Being Human
    • The Opportunity of Relationship
    • Following the Heart
    • Define, Embody, Engage

Here are some of the Explorations
immediately available to you.

  • InLight Connect

    Release Yourself Into the Deepest Freedom

  • InLight Connect

    Understanding Society's Sickness

  • InLight Connect

    Fear of What, Beyond the Stories

  • InLight Connect

    Understand the Illusion of Death

  • InLight Connect

    Self Inquiry - Look Beyond the Story of Self

  • InLight Connect

    Self Inquiry & Conscious Observation

  • InLight Connect

    The Gift of Heartbreak

  • InLight Connect

    Seeing Through The Eyes of God

  • InLight Connect

    Healing the Wound of Inadequacy

  • InLight Connect

    No Agenda, Only Love

  • InLight Connect

    Relax, It's not personal

  • InLight Connect

    Healing Childhood Trauma

  • InLight Connect

     The Power of Meditation

  • InLight Connect

    Release Your Child in Complete Love, and Let Go

  • InLight Connect

     WHAT AM I

  • InLight Connect

    Release Worry & Trust - Guided Meditation

  • InLight Connect

    The Absolute Simplicity & Power of Spirituality

  • InLight Connect

    Love Remembered; a Life worth living

  • InLight Connect

    Awakening Through Relationships

  • InLight Connect

    Healing Through Grace

  • InLight Connect

    Remember the Truth of What You Are

  • InLight Connect

    CFTDS - Compassion for the Depressed and Suicidal Cover Image

  • InLight Connect

    Understanding the Cosmic Mirror Cover

  • InLight Connect

     Real Spirituality & Awakening

  • InLight Connect

    The Absolute Simplicity & Power of Spirituality

  • InLight Connect

    Accepting All That Is & Being at Peace

More information about some of the explorations you have access to right now

  • The Absolute Simplicity & Power of Spirituality

    • 1 Hour: A Beautiful 4 Part Audio & Ebook Journey
    • A Beautiful 4 Part Audio Series that invites simplicity to your spiritual journey. Let's look beyond the common noise and remember what this 'being human' thing is all about. Relax, Remember, Enjoy.

  • Release Yourself into the Deepest Freedom

    • 7 Part Meditative Audio Journey with Ebook Transcript
    • Sharing profound insight and wisdom to expose a very sweet and ancient freedom. The invitation here is to see what’s real and true, and fully allow yourself to be free; truly free. Delivered in 5 short guided insight meditations and 2 bonus Q&A tracks.

  • Accepting All That Is and Being at Peace

    • A 50 Minute Audio Journey & Ebook Transcript
    • An intimate exploration into the nature of acceptance and truly being at peace. This gentle exploration will bring you home to the present moment and heartfully recognize the miracle of simply being alive.

  • Self Inquiry & Conscious Observation

    • 80-Minute Video/Audio Exploration & Full Ebook Transcript
    • Self Inquiry is an ancient practice of deeply questioning what is true and real about you. Conscious Observation is to observe self, others, and life from beyond the filter of a false identity. Both, are powerful tools to point you in the direction of joyful present moment living and having a deep and heart-based connection with all that is.

  • Look Beyond the Story of Self

    • 45 Minute Meditative Exploration (Video/Audio/Ebook)
    • Self Inquiry is the practice of making contact with what is more real and true about you, beyond the impossible story we identify with and hide behind. Suffering... is to not see what you really are. This offering serves as a meditative exploration into a deeper awareness of what is really true about you.

  • Fear of What? Beyond All the Stories

    • 1 Hour Video/Audio & Ebook Journey
    • On the surface, it might seem like we are scared of many different things. However, every story of fear points to a single fear that we avoid looking at. Let's explore and expose the imaginary monster once and for all.

  • Love Remembered; a life worth living

    • a 4 part 80-minute audio journey with ebook transcript
    • Explore the interwoven nature of Love in all human experiences. Exposing how Life itself, is a playground for LOVE to expand within the human being. This exploration will bring relaxation and deep appreciation for everything in life, and everything inside yourself.

  • Understanding the Cosmic Mirror

    • A 1- Hour, 6 Part, Meditative Audio Exploration, with Ebook Transcript
    • Maybe we've heard it before, "Life is a Mirror, a Reflection of the Self." In this 6 part audio series (1HR), Tiger shares profound insight and wisdom that simplifies this mirror and exposes the opportunity to connect with your power as the... creator of all that is.

  • Awakening Through Relationships

    • 1-Hour Video/Audio Exploration with Ebook Transcript
    • A Deep Dive into the nature of Relationship, and how it is that all relationships serve the primary function of Awakening to the Truth of one’s nature and the truth of Life.

  • What Am I? Meditative Exploration

    • 75-minute Video, Audio, Ebook Transcript
    • This Video, Audio, and Ebook journey take you home to your most sincere nature of being. As we investigate the question "What Am I?" we recognize it's the only real question we have. Also, it's the most ancient question. This exploration simplifies the human quest as we seek to answer an impossible question.

  • Healing Childhood Trauma

    • 80-Minute Audio Exploration Course & Full Ebook Transcript
    • A beautiful 80-minute deep dive into the nature of real healing and understanding trauma in all its forms. There are so many jewels of insight and wisdom in this 80-minute audio journey that will invite a profound letting go. Relax, open your heart, and allow yourself to melt into the deepest forgiveness and love for all that is.

  • Release Your Child in Complete Love

    • A 14 Lesson Video Course & Ebook
    • There's a profound relationship opportunity to recognize that your children are not 'your' children; they do not belong to you and are not your property. Furthermore, our fears for them are not really about them, rather, it's an innocent expression of self-inadequacy. Let's open to more love and look beyond fear.

  • Compassion for the Depressed and Suicidal

    • 45 Minute Meditative Audio Exploration & Ebook Transcript
    • This exploration is a beautiful opportunity to hold space for yourself or others who are struggling with depression and/or suicidal thoughts. Through sharing my own direct experience with these internal struggles, I uncover some insight and wisdom that might allow us to relax into a deeper understanding. The encouragement is to open up to the possibility that what is happening is an opportunity and not a problem.

  • Understanding Society's Sickness

    • 90 Minute Video/Audio Exploration & PDF Transcript
    • A straightforward exploration that speaks to the root issue of Society's Sickness, and how we can unsubscribe from an impossible and sufferable game.

  • The Gift of Heartbreak

    • 90 Minute Video/Audio Exploration & Ebook Transcript
    • This exploration is an opportunity to explore the many facets of heartbreak and tie them all together. Exposing the spiritual opportunity to draw ourselves nearer to what we truly crave. In this discovery, we don't just 'get over it,' rather, we discover a space that can genuinely celebrate heartbreak and welcome it as a soulful teacher.

  • Seeing Through the Eyes of God

    • 90 minute Video/Audio Exploration, with Ebook Transcript
    • In this Video/Audio/Ebook opportunity, Tiger shares a meditative exploration that gently looks at the impossibility of separation, and the real-life opportunity of seeing life with more love, compassion, and freedom. In addition to this, in a playful way, Tiger will speak to the “Nature of God” and offer a depth of understanding that just might melt your heart.

  • Healing the Wound of Inadequacy

    • A beautiful 2-Hour Audio & Ebook Journey
    • Tiger takes you on a journey into a healing heart, with poetry, ancient wisdom, and the beautiful spontaneous music of Caleb Fawcett. The audio from this course was recorded during a live event and includes 6 tracks that total 2 hours of playtime. Additionally, there's an ebook transcript that helps to integrate the wisdom and insight shared.

  • Understand the Illusion of Dearth

    • 75-minute Video/Audio Exploration with Ebook Transcript
    • Is death even real, or is it yet another illusion that the mind struggles with? In this exploration, we will demystify death and see deeply its illusionary nature; ultimately to discover there's nothing Real to fear.

  • Relax, It's Not Personal; Let It Go

    • Video, Audio, Ebook Transcript
    • A Meditative Exploration. It's a tragic comedy, to take things personally. Tragic, because it creates enormous suffering within the heart of what we are. Comedy, because, it's so incredibly not true. Travel inward, during this 46-minute meditative exploration and discover the depth of liberation that waits to be seen.

  • Healing Through Grace

    • 80 minute meditative exploration (Video/Audio/Ebook)
    • Healing Through Grace is the opportunity to recognize a healing that's already unfolding, which invites a relaxation and surrender. In this recognition, we can see that healing is not something we "do," rather it's something we allow.

  • No Agenda, Only Love; Meditation & Insight

    • 30 Minute Audio & Transcript
    • A soft and gentle invitation to return to the present moment and connect with what's real. This 30-minute audio journey contains a 20 minute guided meditation with an additional 10 minutes of insight.

  • The Power of Meditation

    • Meditative Audio Exploration: with Bonus Track
    • Exploring the real-life opportunity of meditation; not as a rigid practice or something you "should" do, but rather as an opportunity to simply be present and embrace the authenticity of you. Also! The bonus track, Understanding Pain & Emotions, it's a natural follow-up to what is explored in part 1.

  • Remember the Truth of What You Are

    • 28 Minute Guided Meditation & Transcript
    • A gentle opportunity to relax into the present moment and to feel into the truth of what you are. Release the past through forgiveness, and let go of the future; allowing you to come back to the present moment and connect with what’s actually real and true.

  • Release Worry & Trust

    • 15 Minute Guided Meditation (Audio)
    • Take a deep breath and realize you are supported by a conscious and infinite universe. Remember that what you are cannot be touched by the appearances of this world. You are connected. You are whole. You are the universe dancing. Smile, dear one. All is incredibly well.

Included Courses

REMEMBERED Harmony Course

Extracted from a 5-day Retreat in Iceland (2018), the content of this course is 96 short videos (2 – 9 mins) that take you on a journey of discovery. The overall invitation is to question everything you think is real and see more deeply what is actually going on.

Video | Audio | Transcript

Each lesson comes in the format of Video, Audio, and a written Transcript. This way, you can maximize the digestibility of the wisdom shared in each lesson. Also, engage in comments with Tiger and other course students.


Life is awake, and consciously designed to connect you with what your heart craves most.

Discover the Point, Power,
& Opportunity of Being YOU

CLD Testimonial


The Conscious Life Design Course is an expansive exploration that is made up of 6 individual course and tremendous amounts of support materials.


Course 1
The Nature of Your Reality

Primary Questions: What is Going On?


Course 1 is offering a deep understanding of how it is our human experience is created from the inside out.  It will become undoubtedly obvious.


To truly know that what you are is the source of everything you experience, sets a stage to expose your true potential as a conscious human being.


We’ve heard it before that “all is One,” yet, maybe never truly understood what that’s pointing toward. If all is One, then you must be that One.


6 to 8 hours. Includes 3 hours of video, 9 written lessons, 10 exercises, and additional resource material. Go at your own pace.

Course 2
Emotional Intelligence & Guidance

Primary Questions: Why Do I Feel?


The emotional experience is one of the most misunderstood aspects of being human. We are conditioned to believe emotions respond to circumstances, which only fills our minds with fear, blame, and guilt.


To truly understand where emotions come from and why they show up, is to align yourself with the inherent guidance of emotion. Connect with their life force in a way that points you toward what you desire.


No longer do you have to see or experience emotions as an enemy, or waste valuable energy pushing them away.  Transform your relationship with emotion. Regardless of what's showing, allow it to expose more Love.


6 to 8 hours. Includes 3 hours of video, 9 written lessons, 10 exercises, and additional resource material. Go at your own pace.

Course 3
The Gift of Being Human

Primary Questions: Who Am I?


Purpose. To see once and for all, the unchanging purpose of what you are. Beyond all the worldly noise that looks to find an ungraspable story of purpose. This CLD course ends the chase and invites you to know your purpose beyond doubt.


Passion is connected to compassion, and this is the source of real power for the human being. When there is real compassion, there is the power of being undisturbed by the world, so you can focus on being present and available to serve.


Play. Also stated as Freedom. The conscious design of life is a landscape for us to expand, enjoy, and play in whatever way resonates most deeply. To truly see how free you are is to uncover life’s greatest mystery.


8 to 10 hours. Includes 5 hours of video, 9 written lessons, 15 exercises, and additional resource material. Go at your own pace.

Course 4
Opportunity of Relationship

Primary Questions: How to connect more deeply?


Relationships are interwoven into the experience of being human. Whether we are in a relationship with other people, ourselves, or in a relationship with concepts like money, there are underlying principles that remain the same.


To understand that relationships serve the function of experiencing yourself more fully, opens up a deeper willingness to engage relationships from a more authentic space. Discover permission to receive everything your past, current, and future relationships are attempting to teach you.


The barrier to deeply authentic connections in all relationships is simply an innocent misunderstanding of a relationship’s purpose.


7 to 9 hours. Includes 3 hours of video, 9 written lessons, 10 exercises, and additional resource material. Go at your own pace.

Course 5
Following the Heart

Primary Questions: Where Am I Going?


The concept of following the heart is often confused with reaching a future image that ultimately fails. Rather, following the heart is an inward journey of deeply listening to what is true within you.


As following the heart transforms into a willingness to honor one’s deepest sincerity, we discover a powerful guidance that points you in the direction that ultimately serves your heart’s most authentic desires.


The real gift of following the heart has nothing to do with the future. Rather, it’s a gift that finally gives yourself back to yourself. You discover a space where you no longer have to doubt your path, you can simply trust whatever is deeply sincere and in alignment with your heart’s resonance.


7 to 9 hours. Includes 3 hours of video, 9 written lessons, 15 exercises, and additional resource material. Go at your own pace.

Course 6
Define, Embody, Engage

Primary Questions: What Did I Discover?


Clarify and define for yourself what has become profoundly clear, and solidify this understanding at the core of what you are.  See it deeply, honor it, and embrace the deepest truths of what it shows you.


Recognize all the ways these discoveries have been embodied in your human experience during the time of taking the course. See the effortless nature of how Life is clearly in support of you connecting with more love, compassion, and freedom.


Establish how and where you are open for these insights to continue to unfold in your life.  Make space on the inside for a journey of constant expansion and position yourself to align more deeply with Life’s Conscious Design.


5 to 7 hours. Includes 3 hours of video, 9 written lessons, 10 exercises, and additional resource material. Go at your own pace.

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