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A Message from Tiger

Hey, welcome to InLight Connect.

My name is Tiger Singleton, and I’ve been engaged in sharing insight and wisdom for quite some time now.  It’s something that I can’t seem to get away from.  Why? Hmmm. I’m not totally sure, other than the very simple answer of… “I’m compelled to share that which I find to be beautiful about life and being human.”

For me, insight and wisdom is a doorway into the heart of life, into the heart of being human, and opens up the opportunity to connect with what I crave most.

When I speak of “insight and wisdom,” what I’m referring to is an inner revelation that allows for living with more love, compassion, and freedom.  It’s been my experience that all my human dramas and dilemmas, those problems which create some degree of suffering (depression, anxiety, insecurity, conflict), have only been a result of me not seeing life clearly.

…As such, the sufferable part of life has been my biggest teacher.

Being human can be messy, however, within this mess is a profound gift waiting to be seen.  Such a gift has been spoken and written about, pointed towards, for thousands of years.  Within the pages of all sacred texts, from all ancient traditions, is an invitation to discover something profound.  As far as I’m concerned, all of these traditions are pointing in the same direction; even though the human mind has an amazing, and innocent, propensity to confuse and misunderstand them.

Many would say that I have an uncanny ability to articulate these pointings in a practical and down-to-earth way that genuinely speaks to the reality of being human. Naturally, there are some who might say the complete opposite.  All is well, I don’t do what I do in order to be understood or liked; I do what I do for the sake of my own sanity while allowing others to have their own experience.

As I’ve traveled around the world sharing and speaking, in small groups, retreats, and online, I’ve assembled a collection of recordings and other great content. Also, with my passion for creating audio, I enjoy producing audio experiences that help people connect with a more alive and true space inside themselves.  Hence the name… InLight Connect.

This website serves as a creative outlet, an opportunity for me to share content online and connect with people like yourself who feel drawn to look within.

My main areas of focus are Self-Inquiry, Meditation, and Conscious Observation. I don’t solely follow any specific tradition, more so, I look to my own direct experience and see what’s true.  I’m kind of an “I want to find out for myself…” kind of guy.  Therefore, I speak and share from my own direct experience, rather than passing along information that I was told is true.

Where to start? If you’d like to connect and learn more about my offering, my best recommendation is to join my newsletter.  There I can be in touch and let you know about what’s happening and what’s available.


An opportunity to explore, understand, and develop, your inherent connection with all that is.

Gently... we can look beyond the veil of conditioning, and connect with the ancient and sacred truth of our nature.


"Thank you for opening my eyes, yet again, to a whole other level of this amazing experience called Life. I look forward to learning, absorbing, and sharing in more of it."

Alisha, South Carolina


Being human can be a painful journey of trying to connect with the sincerity of our heart’s desires. At times, the suffering and confusion seems only to lead us further away from what we deeply and sincerely crave.

However, within this challenge, of suffering and confusion, is a profound and sacred opportunity. What seems to be against us, is actually, and always, a teacher that points us directly toward the fulfillment of everything we genuinely seek and long to connect with.  

Life, beyond all of our assumptions and judgments, is actually a landscape that’s designed to support this journey of connection; the question is, are we willing to open our eyes and see it? 

"You have no idea how your teachings are changing the way I experience life, my own path, the things I feel and think... all with more acceptance. Thank you so much."

Ellen, Netherlands


Self Inquiry

The opportunity to look beyond the illusion of yourself and connect with/recognize something that’s much more real, substantial, and worthwhile.


Connect with that part of yourself that’s untouched by judgments and expectations. It’s the space where your heart and soul are allowed to breathe, peacefully.

Conscious Observation

The ability to look at life, others, and self, without (or less of) a filter of separation (fear) that looks to protect an ego-structure. 

Practical Application

To engage in learning/integration opportunities that assist you in the embodiment of your discoveries. Engage life from a space of openness and move forward in the direction of your heart's deepest resonance.

  • inLight Connect

    “WOW! That was so moving and powerful! I was brought to tears more than once (in a good way) and left with a feeling of profound gratitude and “nowness”.... I feel like a veil was lifted from my eyes....thank you!”



Connect with and experience more love, compassion, and freedom. Allow for the transformation of painful experiences to be a doorway into a deeper connection with yourself, others, and all of life.

"...the many truths & delusions about the self were revealed in this inquiry and rocked me to my core. I'm giggling at the paradoxical nature of how I, for once, have no serious questions; only a playful curiosity."

Dan, Australia