very simply... a space for remembrance and transformation

A Message from Tiger

👋  I created the inLight Connect company for the following two reasons…

  • To have a personal, low-pressure, container that allows me to share what I love and create an exchange of value that allows me to live comfortably and passionately.

  • To connect with a small group of humans who deeply resonate with my sharing, and, in some way, develop a relationship that allows us to support and grow with each other.

Why I didn’t create inLight Connect. Or, what I don’t have interest in…

  • Being famous, well known, or amassing a large audience.
  • Being an authority in other people’s lives.
  • Making money for the sake of making money.



Sharing What I Love…

Along this journey of being human, for myself, the most impactful and beautiful discovery has been the revelation of “what is” beyond what I think about what is. This speaks to what I am, what others are, and what Life is. This discovery, which I’m always brought back to remember time and time again, has and continues to expose a deeper experience of love, compassion, and freedom.

It’s my opinion, and playful conviction, that all spiritual traditions and religions, in their original intention, were to serve as a pointer toward this discovery. The invitation has always been to discover and cultivate the discernment between what you imagine to be happening and what is really happening; happening beyond the stories we fearfully tell, believe, and cling to.

The consequence of this discernment/understanding, is an increased capacity to be more present. This presence is made possible through the dropping away of barriers that assume there is something to fear, when really… upon further investigation, there is only something to Love.

I share this Love that I see, without needing others to see it too. If people resonate with what I share, great. If people do not, then no worries. For me, this work and service is a form art, it’s poetry, it’s a sharing of beauty seen; there is no requirement that other people should see it as well.

Over the years, I've created 200+ hours of support materials in the format of video, audio, ebooks, and online courses.  All of which, speaks to this discovery of discernment and seeing yourself, others, and life more clearly.  The vast majority of this content is only available to inLight Connect Members. 

Because I'm not interested in the management of selling 100+ individual products and courses, I just include all this content in an annual membership offering; mentioned below.  


An Exchange of Value…

Value is relative, what is valuable to one person could be a complete waste of time for someone else. In the exchange of that value, what is expensive to one person is very inexpensive to someone else. In this, the questions is not “what should I offer and how much should I charge?” The more appropriate question is, “What do I want to offer (playfully share) and how much do I practically need to charge to support my desired experience.”

My Paid Offerings…


0 - Free Offering / 7 Days of Conscious Living, video and email series. Experience a profound shift in how you see yourself, others, and life.


1 - A small Bundle of Content that most people could afford if they were adequately interested. This is a small collection of Videos, Audio Recordings, and Ebooks that I feel are a great introduction and resource for anyone curious about seeing beyond their fears and connecting with more love, compassion, and freedom. 

2 - Annual Membership for those who desire to support my offering and connect with a small community of like-hearted people who regularly meet up on Zoom. Includes access to a library of content (100+ hours of video & audio for learning and support) that isn’t publicly available.

3 - Lifetime Membership & a little bit of 1on1 Support with me (Tiger). This offering is best for those who deeply resonate with my sharing, and would enjoy the opportunity to connect 1 on 1 a few times through the year. This option also includes access to any courses and content I create in the future. (There are only a few of this option available each month)

4 - 1on1 Support Journey (3 to 6 months). This option includes the Lifetime Membership and is best for someone who deeply resonates with my sharing and would enjoy connecting on a regular basis for support. That support can be for someone struggling through a transition, emotional difficulty, or someone desiring guidance and support through their personal or professional life. In all cases, the support I offer is in assisting in your capacity to discern between imagination and reality, and connect with a deeper love and guidance within yourself.

P4 - Retreats & Workshops, sometimes I’m really into doing them and sometimes I’m not; I’m forever learning to honor my personal flow and not fall into an expectation of doing things because I ‘should.’ I enjoy intimate spaces where authentic humans can gather and connect with a shared intention of experiencing more love and letting go of fears. The retreats and others events I might put on are super casual, and serve as another form of container that allows me to connect with others and share my heart’s song. Retreats are best for those who deeply resonate with my sharing and would simply enjoy the opportunity of collectively hanging out together (15 people max) in a comfortable environment where we explore the profound experience of being human. Registration for these retreats are first available for inLight Connect Members and are most commonly held in Portugal (for now).

The Invitation

An opportunity to explore, understand, and develop, your inherent connection with all that is.

Gently... we can look beyond the veil of conditioning, and connect with the ancient and sacred truth of our nature and Life as a whole.


"Thank you for opening my eyes, yet again, to a whole other level of this amazing experience called Life. I look forward to learning, absorbing, and sharing in more of it."

Alisha, South Carolina

My Message

Being human can be a painful journey of trying to connect with the sincerity of our heart’s desires. At times, the suffering and confusion seems only to lead us further away from what we deeply and sincerely crave.

However, within this challenge, of suffering and confusion, is a profound and sacred opportunity. What seems to be against us, is actually, and always, a teacher that points us directly toward the fulfillment of everything we genuinely seek and long to connect with.  

Life, beyond all of our assumptions and judgments, is actually a landscape that’s designed to support this journey of connection; the question is, are we willing to open our eyes and see it? 

"You have no idea how your teachings are changing the way I experience life, my own path, the things I feel and think... all with more acceptance. Thank you so much."

Ellen, Netherlands


Self Inquiry

The opportunity to look beyond the illusion of yourself and connect with/recognize something that’s much more real, substantial, and worthwhile.


Connect with that part of yourself that’s untouched by judgments and expectations. It’s the space where your heart and soul are allowed to breathe, peacefully.

Conscious Observation

The ability to look at life, others, and self, without (or less of) a filter of separation (fear) that looks to protect an ego-structure. 

Practical Application

To engage in learning/integration opportunities that assist you in the embodiment of your discoveries. Engage life from a space of openness and move forward in the direction of your heart's deepest resonance.

  • inLight Connect

    “WOW! That was so moving and powerful! I was brought to tears more than once (in a good way) and left with a feeling of profound gratitude and “nowness”.... I feel like a veil was lifted from my eyes....thank you!”



Connect with and experience more love, compassion, and freedom. Allow for the transformation of painful experiences to be a doorway into a deeper connection with yourself, others, and all of life.

"...the many truths & delusions about the self were revealed in this inquiry and rocked me to my core. I'm giggling at the paradoxical nature of how I, for once, have no serious questions; only a playful curiosity."

Dan, Australia