040DE Caring what Other People Think – Lao Tzu Quotes

I love exploring this dynamic of looking for approval in the world or in others. It’s fascinating because, as I mentioned on Wednesday, in order to get someone else’s acceptance I must first reject myself.  It’s like saying, “I must be who you want me to be, and not be what I am.” 

039DE Living in the Present – Lao Tzu Quotes

Depression and/or anxiety seem to be a common occurrence in human life, in some form or another.  Everything from wishing things went differently in the past to a worry about how things will go in the future. This pointer greatly simplifies the issue.  

038DE Infinite Time – Lao Tzu Quotes

How often do we feel pushed around by time, either wishing we had more or wishing it would hurry up?  Oh how hilarious it becomes to see that time is yet another illusion we use to hide beyond.  

037DE Let Things Flow – Lao Tzu Quotes

There is a tragic (but innocent) comedy in looking back at all my resistance to change, afraid of losing what I held on too.  And now, as I rest here in this moment, I see that nothing ever went how I wanted it to, as in, nothing stood still; everything changed. 

036DE Be Content – Lao Tzu Quotes

Way back when, such a quote as this would have irritated me.  I would have found difficulty with the invitation to “Be content with what you have.” Mostly because, at the time, I genuinely believed there were things in this world to acquire, and doing so, would lead to the contentment I craved.